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Our Network of Techies Recommend These 3 Presentation Software Platforms
September 27, 2022

Affordability, professionalism, and ease are available in each of these recommended presentation software platforms.

New church planters like hearing which software other launches and multisites have chosen and why, so we decided to go straight to the trenches for the best answers.

We asked our network of church planters, AVL techies, and ministry leaders which software they prefer for projecting lyrics, announcements, verses and more, and they answered. Here, we’ve compiled the best of best advice for you. 

Affordability, professionalism, and ease are available in each of these recommended presentation software platforms.

3 Most Popular Presentation Software Platforms Recommended by Church Planters

1. OpenLP

OpenLP is an open-source presentation platform created for use in any church, either large or small. Since it’s offered at no cost, you can skip the hassle of subscription costs. But just because it’s free doesn’t mean it lacks power—this software offers a wide variety of features that will greatly benefit your worship service.

Pastor Dan from Dallas, Texas, has been using OpenLP for 2 years and appreciates the ease of use, engaging presentation options, and—of course—the price


Did you know that you can control your presentations from anywhere using OpenLP’s first-of-its-kind remote system? As it’s described on its site:

“With a built-in web app, you can access your service from any network-enabled device that has a browser and a touch screen. Change slides, or even change what is currently presenting from your phone. Search for songs, Bible verses, images and more without needing to touch the computer.”

Apps are available for Android or iOS devices.

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Ease of use, customer support and professional appeal makes these 3 recommended presentation software platforms easy choices.

2. Proclaim

When it comes to a recommended presentation software platform, it looks like Evangel Community Church in Houghton, MI, has found its solution in Faithlife’s Proclaim

As Discipleship Pastor John Mohrbacher says, after 5 years of using this presentation software, he has found it to have the following perks:

  • Simple to sync across different devices
  • Mobile connectivity
  • Intuitive functionality

Laurel Givens, one of the volunteers on Evangel’s media team, also endorses Proclaim, saying its “ease of use, lots of features, and ability to pay one price for multiple users” makes it an easy choice.

While ProPresenter is a favorite among churches, don’t discount the highly recommended Proclaim by Faithlife or OpenLP, either.  Share on X

3. ProPresenter

No drum roll needed since this is by far the most popular and recommended presentation software platform on the market: ProPresenter.

The vast majority of our responders sang its praises. Here’s a small sampling:


  • Michael Pigg, Pastor of Wayfinders Church in San Marcos, TX appreciates ProPresenters “ease of use, CCLI and multiple track integration.”
  • Similarly, Associate Pastor Preston Jones reported the software is “easy to learn, customizable and professional.” It’s the chosen presentation software at his Tuscon, AZ church, Living Branch Church. 

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Professional appeal and customer support determine a lot of churches’ recommended presentation software platforms.


  • Keith Baldridge, the lead pastor at Living Stone Church in Broomfield, Colorado had this to say about the software:

“ProPresenter makes you look super professional! The clean design…helps to keep our people engaged. We love it because it’s easy to train new volunteers, run slides and even edit on the fly. ProPresenter makes presenting on two separate side screens and a confidence monitor a breeze! Personally, I love the confidence monitor because I’m able to see and even read from the current slide and even see the upcoming slide next.”

  • Joe Adams, the lead pastor at Colorado Springs’ Manna Church, chose ProPresenter because it’s an industry standard and integrates with LED Wall/Projectors. In full disclosure, he also adds: “Even though it can have some bugs, it’s got a robust troubleshooting history.”
  • Campus Expansion Coach, Jody Pickett from Ohio’s Cypress Church, leans into the fact that ProPresenter is well vetted and supported. 

“Anytime I hear of a product that most churches are using  I work really hard to stay with that family. It is so helpful to know that it is tested and reliable. Most of my church connections outside of my own use ProPresenter and are one easy phone call away if I have any issues … ProPresenter has made the visual experience in every church I have served in better because it’s so darn easy to use and has few limits.”

  • Finally, Lead Pastor Matt Shetler of Colorado’s Lakewood Vineyard has a similar endorsement: 

“Many churches use it so there’s great ability for other churches to provide support, training, etc.”

In addition, Pastor Matt and his team appreciate the affordability and ease of live streaming

Clearly, ProPresenter’s popularity and support are a benefit enjoyed by many churches who recommend this presentation software platform. 


There you have it. ProPresenter was the favorite among responders, but there are plenty of benefits to looking into other options like OpenLP and Proclaim. Like one of our responding church planters said when it comes to recommending a presentation software platform:

“Set your production vision, do your research, and stick with what works for your church.”

What software are you currently using? It’s not too late to contribute to the conversation! Drop a comment and let us know. 

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