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3 Non-Negotiables for Portable Church Set-Up
July 26, 2022

Don’t miss a beat and take note of what other leaders regard as non-negotiable pieces of equipment in their portable church set-up.

Armies of volunteers set up portable churches every week. It’s a sight to behold! And there are many more on the brink of launching. We asked our network of church planters and ministry leaders and here’s a sampling of what made the list. 

What equipment has become a must-have for an efficient set-up and tear-down experience? 

Don’t miss a beat and take note of what other leaders regard as non-negotiable pieces of equipment in their portable church set-up.

3 Non-Negotiables for Portable Church Set-Up

1. Sound system

Brian – Lead Pastor, E3 Church

Our network voted that a good sound system is their top non-negotiable for a portable church setup. 

Along with several other church planters, the Lead pastor of E3 church, Brian, explained that a sound system is “critical for communication” and that he values his church’s portable sound system because of how much easier it makes life. A good sound system “keeps it possible to focus on the important things of ministry” because it is “simple to roll in and roll out … easy to plug in [and] set up.”

Stacey, Family Ministries, Christ Community Church

Family ministries coordinator from Christ Community Church, Stacey, cited that their soundboard in a rolling storage case is their most non-negotiable piece of equipment. For Stacey, the soundboard must be paired with a rolling case because “it allows us flexibility with the venues we’re able to rent\use because it can go wherever we go!”  It also means that if they change venues, they don’t need to look for one that comes with a soundboard. The case “also has storage for tools, batteries, wireless mics, and other accessories,” which means that everything sound-focused is kept together and organized.

Colin, Pastor, Anthem Church

Pastor Colin of Anthem Church also cited their soundboard as a non-negotiable for their portable church set-up. And, like other respondents, identified how efficient and effective a soundboard in a portable case is: “the ease of weekly unload/upload has been critical to the management, and in most cases, the fun of leading a portable church.”  Colin pinpoints a crucial aspect of selecting portable equipment: your team needs to enjoy using it, which will lend to making portable church a fun experience rather than a dreary, stressful duty. 

2. Cases

Another top vote from our network was for equipment storage cases. In the results, those who voted for cases had a lot to say about why they love good cases so much.

Brandt Lyon, Pastor, Georgetown

Georgetown Campus Pastor, Brandt Lyon, refers to their cases as the “secret sauce” to the success of their portable church. Brandt Lyon explains that their cases (sometimes referred to as ‘cabinets’) make “set up and tear down so easy… everything has a home […] and transport is simple and quick. I cannot imagine hauling our things in with totes or piece by piece.”

Brandt Lyon’s top tip for using cases is to “use them as you get new things and make sure they find a home within a cabinet [case].”

Tami, Set Up Crew, The Crossings

Tami, a pastor’s wife and part of The Crossings church setup crew, identifies the value of their cases when she reflects on how they used to store equipment. “[Cases] are so much better than what we were using before with makeshift carts, equipment falling out/off, not always knowing where specific equipment was, etc. Our set up and tear down has greatly improved with our PCI cases.”

The advantages of using good cases is that you will “know where equipment is” and that your equipment will “not get broken.” This, of course, also depends on whether you know how to use your cases well. Make sure your team receives professional training in using your portable church cases.


A respondent cited that a trailer is their #1 non-negotiable piece of equipment. Cases are commonly regarded as highly useful pieces of equipment but don’t ignore the greater ‘case’, being the trailer, which is also mobile and houses all of your equipment safely.  All of your highly-valued cases need to be loaded into a trailer and then transported to your storage facility.

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Results from a survey we ran show the #1 non-negotiable piece of equipment amongst our portable church leaders is their portable soundboard. Read about why here:… Click To Tweet

3. Children’s ministry check-ins

A good children’s check-in system for your portable church was also identified as non-negotiable.

A significant facet of most portable churches is their children’s ministry area. For many, if the children’s ministry check-in system runs smoothly each Sunday, half of their overall work is done. 

Lenny, Executive Pastor, Renovation Church

Executive Pastor of Renovation Church, Lenny, pinpointed the necessity for a good “ kids check-in system.” And in particular, they value their PCI system because it is “provided in stands and cases”, which means that the whole system is in one unit, ready to be rolled in and rolled out, wherever it is needed.

Once you’ve got your check-in station, you’ll also want to take a look at the software that best suits your church. There are several smart check-in solutions options available and at least one of them is sure to fit your church perfectly.

Don’t miss a beat and take note of what other leaders regard as non-negotiable pieces of equipment in their portable church set-up.

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We know that a portable church set-up is a well-oiled machine with volunteers, staff, and smart, portable gear. It’s why we’ve seen so many teams build a church in literally a few minutes! 

The secret is having the right gear that’s chosen for your unique church, and equipment solutions that are made to be easily portable. 

Take a note from the leaders who have responded here, and decide for yourself if you should include these in your church’s must-have list of portable church set-up equipment. 

Need help deciding what’s best for your church plant? Book a free consultation with someone from our team and we can help.