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Testimonial Video

Craig Kackley, Church of the Four Corners

“Could we have done it without Portable Church? Absolutely. We would have planted the church regardless … it would have just been about 50 times harder.”

Time Lapse Video Collection



Steve Christiansen, LifeChange Church

Hear from the pastor of LifeChange Church about their experience launching with Portable Church Industries

Plainfield Christian

A featured video from Plainfield Christian Church who partnered with Portable Church Industries in 2017.

“Working with Portable Church has been an amazing experience. Their creative insight and ideas have helped us visualize how our mobile church can go to the next level and beyond. As a pastor, one of my responsibilities is to make sure that our church is managing its resources wisely, so I made the effort to work through Portable Church’s proposal item by item. I was blessed to discover that not only where they competitive in nearly every area of pricing but they were actually able to deliver many things at a cost lower than I could find from other vendors. It’s encouraging to know that we are working with a group that not only provides an awesome service to the local church but also does it with a servant’s heart!”

Jason Huffman, Lead Pastor at Pneuma Life Church | January 2020

“every person that was with us for the initial training weekend is still serving today. So that core group of volunteers are all still serving faithfully with us a year later. One of those volunteers had been with a portable church previously as a volunteer and recently commented that he was amazed that a year later we were continuing to grow our team and that the work was hard, but not overbearing as it had been for him previously. I know his previous church did not work with a company to order their equipment and I’m convinced that’s part of the problem of burnout he had experienced. I can’t imagine doing portable church without Portable Church Industries! The logistics and plan make all the difference for a team of volunteers.

Tommy Staggs, Campus Pastor at First Christian Church| January 2020

“We have more people engaged and involved than ever before, and the Setup and Teardown process has really been the catalyst for that.

This has been an adventure! I also want to let you know that everywhere I go, I promote the heck out of Portable Church. I’ve spoken with other portable churches that have been less than pleased with other companies. It gives me the opportunity to talk PCI up, because our experience with PCI has been fantastic!”

Ryan Ezekiel King

River City Church

“Our story continues to include portable church because we continue to add campuses who launch in rented facilities. I myself just completed 3 years as a portable campus (we just moved the campus I am at into a building with a grand opening of Jan. 31st) and then all of our portable gear went to the next campus…they launched at the beginning of March in Lynnwood.”

Di Beals

Canyon Creek Church

“You all did a great job, very professional. We were on a very tight timeline for launch and you were super responsive for getting it done quick and provided what we needed. We love how it works and it is very user friendly for our trusted volunteers. To God be the Glory!” 

Becky Freshour, Operations Director 

Pathway Church – Valley Center


“Our launch on Sunday was phenomenal, and everyone was very impressed with the level of excellence we were able to accomplish, especially for the first day of a new church. And a lot of the credit for that has to go to you guys at PCI. Thanks for the practical wisdom in our consultations, for the clarity and patience in our training, and for the immediate availability when we’ve had questions and follow up needs. So thankful for you guys and the role you played in planting our church!”

Justin Powell, Lead Pastor

Fieldstone Church

CONSULTATION: “Joe is amazing. He did a great job in capturing our DNA and translating it to our multi site campus. We will now start to go through the information that he provided.  Working with PCI has been an awesome experience so far. Everyone from PCI that I have interacted with has gone above and beyond. Thank you again for the great experience so far!”

Scott Pruiksma, Multi-Site Coordinator

The Life Christian Church

Portable Church Set-Up Time Lapse

Our original time lapse video – done in 1997. Watch a team set-up Video, Audio, Staging and Backdrops in less than 20 minutes.

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