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Find the right place to launch your next campus

Your all-in-one checklist to determine where your new church community should go

  • The Essentials of Your Target Campus
  • Surveying People From Your Current Campus
  • Demographics of Your Target Community
  • Details About Potential Facilities and Locations

Get the time-tested, proven checklist that we’ve used with thousands of new church campuses

Make a fully-informed and Spirit-led decision

Become aware of all the relevant factors and real-time data to make bold decisions that will multiply God’s Kingdom


Steward your God-given resources well

Respond appropriately to the blessings and new opportunities for growth that God has given to your church

Touch the lives of others and transform your city

Find the right people groups and communities to reach out to, and share the love of Christ with


Launch your new campus with full clarity about your new ministry

By making data-informed decisions, coupled with lots of prayer, you can set your new campus up for success.

Gathering all the information you need will help you clearly define your ministry’s vision, mission, and unique cultural DNA. This is what will help you launch strong and thrive

Use what’s worked for thousands of portable churches just like yours

There are a multitude of ways to determine your new campus location.

This checklist we created has been fine-tuned, user-tested and have the experience of more than 2,000 churches behind them.

Make a permanent impact in the lives of those in your new community

Launching a new campus is a huge opportunity to reach more people with the Gospel – use this chance wisely.

Find a community that best fits your church’s calling, budget and capacity in order to have the maximum impact.

We’ve helped mobilize almost 3,000 portable church volunteer teams!

“Our launch on Sunday was phenomenal

Everyone was very impressed with the level of excellence we were able to accomplish, especially for the first day of a new church. A lot of credit for that has to go to you guys at PCI. Thanks for the practical wisdom in our consultations, for the clarity and patience in our training, and for the immediate availability when we’ve had questions and follow up needs. So thankful for you guys and the role you played in planting our church!

Ryan Ezekiel King, River City Church

Get the guide that provides all the data points you need to ask about a new campus location


  • Make data-informed, Spirit-led decisions
  • Launch strong with a clearly defined ministry
  • Clearly communicate all factors and considerations to your church or launch team