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We help churches thrive in portable venues

Systems and solutions
designed specifically for mobile ministries




Focus on people instead of getting frustrated by gear

Create better environments that draw people to your church

Empower your volunteers with a system that’s easy to use

Doing Church in a Rented Facility can be a Challenge.

With the right pieces in place (tech, signage, kids areas… ), your volunteer team can create an incredible experience each weekend. Assembling that system to be simple and move quickly takes time & expertise — things that can be in short supply as you prepare for launch.


That’s Why We Exist.

For more than 25 years, Portable Church® has helped thousands of churches launch strong and thrive in a mobile setting. We design custom solutions that fit each budget, vision, and venue. Everything you need to launch a mobile church — an inviting worship space, kids ministry areas, welcome spaces, storage cases, etc — all in a system refined to make it fast and easy for the weekly volunteer teams so critical to success.



We learn your story, assess your needs, and match you with the best consultant for your church.


We work closely with your team to create a custom design solution that fits your vision, your venue, and your budget.


With an approved design plan in place, our experts build your new system and ensures everything is ready for launch.


We train you and your volunteers on how to set everything up, run the system, and even load it up so you will launch confidently and run your systems and production team efficiently.


Once you launch, our team supports you long term. Have questions? Need Help? Just call. We are partners in your success.


“Our launch on Sunday was phenomenal, and everyone was very impressed with the level

of excellence we were able to accomplish, especially for the first day of a new church.

And a lot of the credit for that has to go to you guys at PCI. Thanks for the practical wisdom

in our consultations, for the clarity and patience in our training, and for the immediate

availability when we’ve had questions and follow up needs. So thankful for you guys and the role

you played in planting our church!”

Justin Powell
Lead Pastor, Fieldstone Church


Multisite Campus Launch Checklist Resource

PCI Promise:

Designed by experts.

Our team has the longest track record of innovation, service, and commitment to the local church. We have the expertise to create powerful environments so people experience your church, your people, and Christ.

for value.

Our solutions are the lowest cost in the long term. You recoup your investment in less than 2 years and with a system built to last you’ll continue saving for many years to come.

Created for volunteers.

No other system focuses on empowering your volunteers. Your church depends on volunteers, so we design systems that keep volunteers fully engaged in your entire ministry for many years.

Focused on engagement.

We build your portable system while you build your team and engage your city. PCI environments engage attendees while requiring less time and volunteers, leaving more room for community and ministry focus.

Case Study

Champion Forest Baptist Church

The top priority for the Champion Forest leadership team – maintaining the cultural DNA.