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How to Avoid Pastor Burnout While Launching a Church
June 13, 2023

Portable solutions and streamlined logistics can help to avoid pastor burnout during launch season by focusing on boundaries, support, and more.



When a pastor chooses to plant a church, it’s not because he has a passion for AVL or check-in kiosks. Rather, a pastor sees all of those incredible tools as a means to an end: people meeting Jesus. 

And yet, Barna has reported that pastors are struggling with burnout at unprecedented levels. In March 2022, they stated: “the percentage of pastors who have considered quitting full-time ministry within the past year sits at 42 percent.” 

For multisite and church planting teams, launching a church can be a daunting task that requires a significant amount of time and energy. Unfortunately, this leaves pastors with little time to do what they are passionate about: connecting with people and sharing the message of Jesus. Instead of building relationships, they’re often consumed by logistics, such as setting up audio consoles and deciding on the best bistro cart, which can quickly lead to burnout.

But the solution is simple: rest and balance. And no, rest doesn’t necessarily mean taking a nap. In fact, there are many ways to experience rest and balance that don’t involve sleeping at all! In this article, we’ll explore various ways to rest and recharge, both personally and professionally, in order to avoid burnout. Moreover, these ideas will not only help you to avoid overwhelm and burnout but also support you in staying energized throughout your church’s launch phase.


 One way to avoid pastor burnout while launching a church is to seek support and encouragement from those on your launch team.


4 Ways to Avoid Pastor Burnout While Launching a Church


1. Develop healthy boundaries.

We know, you’ve heard it before. But, there’s a reason it’s the first item on every list that discusses reducing stress and burnout. Balancing work, life, and ministry can be a significant challenge for pastors. Without proper boundaries, it’s easy to fall into the trap of overwhelm and eventually burn out.

Here’s a very practical suggestion: make yourself available only at specific times to specific people. By setting clear limits on your availability, you can avoid bending over backward to fit into others’ schedules and find balance in your life. This approach can also help you prioritize self-care and rejuvenation, which are essential for avoiding burnout. This might seem counterintuitive during the launch season, but it’s important to compartmentalize when possible, which will help to strike a balance between life and ministry.

How? For some, the answer may be to build availability into a regular schedule. While we know that life doesn’t always fit perfectly into our calendars, setting healthy boundaries is critical. Maybe you tell your team that you will have an open Zoom during a 2-hour span every day? Or, on the flip side, tell your staff and team that you will cease all communication after 5PM. Not only will these boundaries help you gain more balance and avoid burnout, but it will also keep your time in check and, likely, more manageable. 

When pastors set healthy boundaries and prioritize balance and rest, they can make a lasting impact in their ministries and communities. Instead of burning out like a firework that fizzles out quickly, they can build a fire that burns steadily for years to come. 

When pastors set healthy boundaries and prioritize rest, they can make a lasting impact in their ministries and communities. Instead of burning out like a firework that fizzles out quickly, they can build a fire that burns steadily for years to come. Share on X 

2. Share the work. 

Pastors often assume the majority of the responsibilities, leading to stress, burnout, and even disillusionment. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

One of the most effective ways to lighten your load is by tapping into the vast resources available within your launch team and congregation. In other words, recruit volunteer help

There are likely many people in your circle who are eager to help but don’t know how or haven’t been invited to do so in the right way. By reevaluating your approach to volunteer recruitment and management, you can feel confident about the work ahead of you during the preparation phase and launch season. In the end, this method creates a much more sustainable ministry model.

If sharing the work is difficult for you, check out these resources for practical help:

Need help with your tech team? Download this free AVL guide and get practical ideas for timelines, roles, and task lists. 

3. Find a small group that you don’t have to lead.

While God has an infinite supply of patience and care, pastors do not. That’s why it’s essential to allow others to pour into you as well. Without taking time to rest and recharge, it’s like being a heart with only arteries—sooner or later, you’ll bleed out.

This is where some kind of small group or support group involvement is crucial. 

Instead of spending every waking moment on ministry concerns, we encourage you to make time for relationships that permit you to simply be. Whether it’s gathering with other local pastors or church planters, or spending time with a close friend, make sure it’s something that fills you up and prepares you to pour out again.

A small group of praying, encouraging supporters will become a kind of fuel that will keep you going during the sometimes-grueling season of launching a church. With their friendship and guidance, you’ll be able to pour out and lead from a place of abundance.

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4. Make portability as easy as possible. 

After working with churches for more than 25 years, we understand that launching a multisite or church plant can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. That’s why we offer custom solutions tailored to fit each budget, vision, and venue—so pastors can focus on building relationships instead of worrying about logistics.

Our solutions include everything from inviting worship spaces to kids’ ministry areas and ensuring your weekly volunteer teams have the resources they need to succeed. By taking care of the logistics, we make it easy for pastors to craft an exceptional worship experience for their congregation. Also, pastors can spend more time building connections with people and less time fussing over details. This not only leads to more energized volunteer teams but also enables pastors to focus on their core mission: making a profound impact on people’s lives.

One way to avoid pastor burnout while launching a church is to seek support and encouragement from other Christians.


6 Ways Choosing Portable Equipment Can Help to Avoid Pastor Burnout

Here are just 6 ways that multisite and church planting teams will avoid pastor burnout by choosing a portable solution:

  1. Less time spent on logistics and setup, allowing pastors to focus on building relationships with their congregation. For example, instead of worrying about setting up equipment every week, pastors can recruit volunteers to help with setup and spend more time interacting with the people.
  2. Portable equipment that can easily be transported, providing flexibility and versatility for church plants and multisite launches. The easier it is to transport equipment and pack trailers…the fewer things to worry about.
  3. Customized solutions tailored for each church’s budget, vision, and venue, reducing stress and streamlining the process 
  4. Pre-wired audio and visual systems that save time and reduce technical difficulties during services. AVL translation: fewer last-minute tech hiccups that can cause stress and anxiety!
  5. Clear signage and branding materials that create a professional and inviting atmosphere for visitors. As a result, pastors can connect with church visitors and not play the role of Traffic Director. 
  6. High-quality sound and lighting equipment that enhances the worship experience and engages attendees. How can this help a pastor to avoid burnout? Fewer tech worries, but more importantly—confidence in the quality of the Sunday experience.

These benefits not only help pastors avoid burnout but also allow them the freedom and time to focus on doing what they’ve been created to do for the Body.

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Avoid Pastor Burnout With Easy Solutions: Testimonials

Looking for more evidence that choosing the right portable church solution for your launch can have a significant impact on your state of mind and help to avoid pastor burnout? Here are some of the encouraging reports we’ve received from church leaders we’ve worked with over the years:

“I’ve done portable AVL without PCI and I will NEVER do it again.” 

Jody, Campus Expansion Coach and Campus Pastor at @cypresschurchtv


“Thanks for the practical wisdom in our consultations, for the clarity and patience in our training, and for the immediate availability when we’ve had questions and follow up needs. So thankful for you guys and the role you played in planting our church!”

Justin, Lead Pastor, Fieldstone Church


“I can’t imagine doing portable church without portable church industries! The logistics and plan make all the difference for a team of volunteers.”

Tommy, Campus Pastor at First Christian Church


As evidenced in these testimonials, working to make the launch process as stress-free as possible has a significant impact on avoiding pastor burnout and supporting volunteers. By minimizing logistical challenges, pastors can focus on building relationships and empowering volunteers to succeed. This not only leads to a more thriving church community but also promotes a healthier work-life balance for pastors.

One way to avoid pastor burnout while launching a church is to recruit a dependable team of volunteers.



We understand that launching a mobile church or multisite is a big undertaking, which is why we design custom solutions tailored to fit each budget, vision, and venue. Our solutions include everything needed to create inviting worship spaces, kids’ ministry areas, and more, making it easy for weekly volunteer teams to succeed. With our help, pastors can achieve rest and balance amid an exciting but overwhelming season of ministry.

Are you ready to start planning your launch and want to do it without the overwhelm and burnout? Let PCI be your partner in ministry. We’ll take care of the logistics so you can focus on doing what you love to do—connecting with people and sharing the love of Jesus. 

Ready to eliminate overwhelm? Contact us today to schedule a consultation.