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9 Valuable Resources Churches Can Expect to Gain During a Portable Church Plant Consultation
May 9, 2023

To maximize impact and gain tailored resources to promote success for new launches, teams can start with a portable church plant consultation.



Starting a new church is an exciting, yet challenging venture. You have a vision to share with your community but bringing it to life can feel overwhelming. It can be difficult to envision how your church vision can be transformed into a physical reality, complete with equipment, gear, and systems. 

However, we’ve witnessed this transformation firsthand thousands of times over the 25 years that we have partnered with churches. With our expertise, we can help you turn your dream into a concrete plan that can be executed with precision and excellence.

To easily navigate the contents of the article, use the links below. 


  1. Dedicated Design Time from an Expert Consultant
  2. Customized Facility Report
  3. Worship Area Layout Drawing
  4. Children’s Ministry Area Layout
  5. Audio & Video Rack Layouts
  6. Signage Maps – Interior and Exterior
  7. Trailer or Storage Room Layout
  8. Itemized List of Equipment Needed
  9. Two Revisions of Your Custom Design

Portable Church Plant Consultation FAQs


Portable Venue Transformations

Here’s a glance at the transformations we’ve witnessed in church plants, multisites, or efficiency upgrades. 


Before and after venue transformation

To facilitate these transformations, the first critical step is a comprehensive on-site assessment. Our portable church plant consultation has been designed for new launches and provides detailed maps, reports, and plans that form the framework for transforming your vision into a concrete reality.

In this article, we will delve into what church plant teams can expect during this transformational process and how it can impact the church moving forward.


9 Valuable Resources Churches Can Expect to Gain During a Portable Church Plant Consultation

While the term “consultation” can evoke various associations, not all of them positive or helpful, our portable church plant consultation will not leave you empty handed. In fact, Jeremy Brown from Journey Church in Tennessee said: 

 “I wouldn’t plant a church without these guys.”

This is because we follow a proven process that will equip you with tangible and valuable resources for your church’s unique setting, culture, and goals.

Here is an overview of the nine valuable resources that churches can expect to receive following a consultation with our expert team.

1. Dedicated Design Time from an Expert Consultant

Churches benefit from a dedicated design time from an Expert Consultant, as part of the promise to do whatever it takes to help you succeed. We design powerful and efficient environments that engage your attendees and volunteers while keeping your plan in mind. 

Group of professionals conducting portable church plant consultation.

2. Customized Facility Report

As part of our PCI Promise, teams who participate in a portable church consultation can expect to receive a customized facility report, designed to provide them with all of the information needed to transform their dream into a reality. Our experts will complete a thorough on-site assessment, assessing your unique church culture, facility strengths and weaknesses, capacity restrictions, optimal layouts, and more. 

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3. Worship Area Layout Drawing

By assessing your facility, including capacity restrictions, optimal layouts, and acoustic isolation, our design experts will create a comprehensive layout that embodies your unique vision for worship. This valuable resource allows you to visualize your worship space in detail and ensure the efficient use of your space, equipment, and budget.

4. Children’s Ministry Area Layout

During the portable church consultation, our teams will collaborate to understand the aesthetics and space that you envisage while focusing on safety, efficiency, and authenticity. Based on your unique needs and vision, we’ll create a customized design that engages children of all ages, allowing them to engage with and thrive in a safe and welcoming kidsmin environment. 

5. Audio & Video Rack Layouts

We understand the importance of clear and effective audio and video systems in delivering a powerful worship experience. Our design experts will assess your unique needs and vision to create a customized layout that maximizes the space, enhances acoustics, and delivers an immersive audiovisual experience for your congregation. You can trust that all equipment recommendations will be geared towards excellence and compatibility, making sure that your AVL system is both user-friendly and efficient.

Pro Tip: Get access to The Ultimate AVL Team Guide to help you master set-up and tear-down.

6. Signage Maps – Interior and Exterior

Our expert team will assess your church layout and develop an optimally effective signage plan for both the interior and exterior of your facility. This resource will help ensure that your visitors can easily navigate your space, enjoy your ministry programs, and access important communications. Our strategic planning takes into consideration signage style and branding so that your message and ministry are effectively communicated to attendees and the community. 

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Adult and children in kidsmin area whose layout was inspired by a church plant consultation.

7. Trailer or Storage Room Layout

Our team takes into account your equipment, preferences, and budget to create an optimized storage solution that ensures a smooth and efficient portable operation. You can be assured that our design will help you streamline your teardown and loading process, saving you valuable time and resources. Our attention to detail ensures that all equipment is organized and stored correctly, providing further longevity and reliability to your tech (and human) investment.

8. Itemized List of Equipment Needed

Imagine having all our recommended equipment in one place, just like the “shopping list” section on Pinterest recipes. That’s precisely what you’ll get with our itemized list of equipment needed—your one-stop-shop for all the equipment recommended during our portable church consultation.

9. Two Revisions of Your Custom Design

We want to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the final product of our consultation. That’s why we offer two revisions of your custom design to guarantee that your unique ministry needs are fully met. 

Our team will collaborate with you throughout the design process to ensure that your vision is translated into a functional, optimized design. However, we understand the importance of flexibility, and we allow for two rounds of alterations to ensure that you are entirely happy with the final product. 

With this commitment, you can be assured that the outcome will be a fully customized solution, optimized for both efficiency and excellence.

Group of young professionals conducting portable church plant consultation.

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A Consultation will Reveal Your Unique Church Culture

PCI understands that every church has its unique culture. That is why the portable church plant consultation process begins with team dialogue and a facility assessment. With a design in hand and portability obstacles removed, your church’s main story remains focused on doing the work of advancing the kingdom. 

Here are a few of the benefits churches experience as a result of the consultation:

  • Powerful worship experience
  • Engaging kids and community environments
  • Optimized portability and volunteer longevity
  • Maximized budget and resources

With optimized equipment and design, you’ll experience a more engaging worship experience, safer and more welcoming children’s program, and ease of portability. Our careful planning conserves your budget and saves time and resources, enabling you to channel more energy and resources towards ministry. Ultimately, we provide the tools and resources you need to maximize your ministry impact, empowering you to reach more individuals with the gospel message.

Don't let the fear of starting a church keep you from fulfilling your vision. You can gain valuable resources and expert guidance to make your dream a reality. Message us to learn more about scheduling a consultation.  Share on X

AVL case solution that was suggested during a church’s church plant consultation.

Portable Church Plant Consultation FAQs 

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding our church plant consultation process. 

What’s the first step for working with you?

Simply book a 20-minute call with us—it’s free and there’s no pressure or commitment. We’re excited to hear about your vision! 

What is an on-site consultation and do I need one?

A consultation with a specialized team member is a critical step in ensuring that the portable church system you purchase best serves your church’s needs. For a complete system, a consultation is necessary.


How long will it take to get my portable church system?

In 14 weeks, you should have your system! This takes into account the supply chain concerns we are seeing everywhere. 

How much does a system cost?

Every system is custom and there is no flat rate. Once we meet with you for a consultation and discover your church’s needs, we can discuss costs. The first step is to book a 20-minute call with us. We’d love to connect! 


I see portable items online. What’s the difference between your stuff and what we see for sale on Marketplace or resale sites?

At Portable Church Industries, we offer more than just gear—we provide access to our 27 years of experience serving over 4,000 churches. Whether it’s sharing best practices, providing custom wiring, or creating cases for your equipment, all of these elements are vital to ensuring the success of your launch when partnering with PCI.

Is there a way to do this cheaper? We have people at our church who are willing to volunteer their craftsmanship skills and supplies.

There are definitely ways to do it cheaper—in the short run. If you want a dependable system that won’t exhaust your volunteers, our custom solutions are the way to go. 

For example, here’s what Jody, Campus Expansion Coach and Campus Pastor at Cypress Church in the Columbus area, had to say about the security our cases provide:

“I have been doing portable church for 15 years in multiple states, in different churches, and in wildly different roles. While brands of AVL gear matter and some gear is better than others, nothing has been more critical to making AVL excellent in my ministry experience than PCI’s design of their cases in every environment— but especially in the AVL world. I’ve done portable AVL without PCI and I will NEVER do it again.”

Although it may be tempting to opt for cheaper alternatives, we hope you take experiences like Jody’s into consideration.

Do you offer financing?

We do not offer financing, but we can recommend trusted companies that are happy to help you with the process. 

Maximize Impact with a Portable Church Plant Consultation 

Starting a new church can seem daunting, but with the right resources and guidance, it is possible to turn your vision into a reality. By building long-term partnerships with our clients and providing exceptional service every step of the way, we equip churches with powerful tools to help maximize their ministry impact and reach more individuals with the gospel message.

If you’re ready to bring your vision to life, schedule your consultation with us today. Let’s create something truly remarkable together.