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Get The Ultimate AVL Team Guide

Your all-in-one guide for set-up, tear-down and team roles

  • Set-Up and Tear-Down Timeline
  • AVL Team Structure and Role
  • Detailed Team Task List
  • Tips for the First Week of Set-Up and Training

Get the time-tested, proven blueprint that we’ve used with thousands of portable churches

Operate smoothly every
Sunday— even on the first week

Maximize efficiency through a smart and intuitive division of tasks between your audio, video and lighting team members


Motivate and keep your team of volunteers

Maximize care for your volunteers and prevent burnout by adding an extra layer of structure, leadership, processes

Grow your church and
maximize ministry impact

Volunteer participation and retention directly impacts the success, community impact and long-term growth of your church


Make the set-up and tear-down process as efficient as possible— fun, even!

It all starts with having a clear, organized volunteer team structure with defined roles.

You wouldn’t try to lead your staff or a company without a defined organizational structure, you shouldn’t expect setup and tear-down to go well without a clear, well-thought-out volunteer team structure.

Use what’s worked for thousands of portable churches just like yours

There are a multitude of ways to approach volunteer organization and planning but not every strategy will succeed.

These plans we created have been fine-tuned, user-tested and have the experience of more than 2,000 churches behind them.

Create a positive volunteer culture and steer clear of ministry burnout

Churches with a negative attitude towards portability will create a cycle of volunteer burn out that will be damaging to your church health overall.

Churches that treat portability as an opportunity are in a position to have ministry impact that most permanent churches can’t.

We’ve helped mobilize almost 3,000 portable church volunteer teams!

“We have more people engaged and involved than ever before, and the Setup and Teardown process has really been the catalyst for that.”

“This has been an adventure! I also want to let you know that everywhere I go, I promote the heck out of Portable Church. I’ve spoken with other portable churches that have been less than pleased with other companies. It gives me the opportunity to talk PCI up, because our experience with PCI has been fantastic!”

Ryan Ezekiel King, River City Church

Get the only guide you’ll ever need to use to lead your AVL volunteers well!

  • Maximize efficiency every Sunday
  • Get the right number of people to fill your tea
  • Downloadable cheat sheet with detailed task list
  • Tips for getting started and the training process