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Great leaders build a team that has diverse and unique strengths, ensuring the right people are in the right place to make the right decisions. Our Portable Church® Design Consultants become part of your team. They combine their passion for church planting and their expertise to design exceptional solutions for your ministry. Your consultant guides you through the design phase, ensuring you get everything you need to launch strong and thrive.


Designed specifically for church plants, we work with you to develop a system that reflects your community and the culture you want to create. Whether on-site or online, your consultant discovers the ways we help you thrive.


Designed specifically for multi-site churches, we visit your broadcast campus, your new facility, and dive deep into your culture so we can deliver a system that reflects your church culture.

Efficiency Upgrades

Your consultant attends your church one weekend to see load in and load out. From there, we determine the best ways to increase efficiency by adding new gear, streamlining the system, and maximizing volunteer efforts.

Whether you are new to portabilitly or an established multisite and no matter your budget, you can expect us to work with you step by step in your journey to portabilty.



We learn your story, assess your needs, and match you with the best consultant for your church.


We work closely with your team to create a custom design solution that fits your vision, your venue, and your budget.


With an approved design plan in place, our experts build your new system and ensures everything is ready for launch.


We train you and your volunteers on how to set everything up, run the system, and even load it up so you will launch confidently and run your systems and production team efficiently.


Once you launch, our team supports you long term. Have questions? Need Help? Just call. We are partners in your success.

Equipment Solutions

Equipment is an important piece of every church solution. But portable churches have unique needs that require guidance of an expert. Otherwise they actually waste money by purchasing items that are the wrong choice for their church. Our experienced consultants know how to consider every facet of your church, from setup time to safety to weight to trainability and much more.

Transportation Solutions

Rented spaces expect churches to show up, exist, and exit without a trace. Choosing to partner with Portable Church® gives you access to our 27+ years of experience in storing and transporting your church. Whether it’s our custom designed storage cases or loading plans to minimize set up and tear down, our solutions make your weekend experience easier.


Training of your volunteers is critical for success. Empowering those volunteers is part of our DNA. From constulation to delivery, we are looking for every opportuninty to equip volunteers with the tools to succeed week to week. Our team comes to your church to give a comprehensive training time for your new Portable Church® system. We walk you through a complete setup and tear-down, ensuring you’re fully ready for launch.


A strong launch is exciting, but what next? What does it take to thrive long term? Our team provides ongoing support for your church. From maintaning your current system to brainstorming growth opprtunites, our team partners with you to provide ongoing training for volunteers and technical support when you have a question.

We partner with you to design, develop, and deliver durable systems for mobile churches.

It’s more than just gear, cases, and aesthetics; it’s about creating something custom for your church so you launch strong and thrive. From every meeting we have to every cable we install, our Portable Church® Team commits wholly to your success. In fact, we even have a name for it:


Designed by experts.

Our team has the longest track record of innovation, service, and commitment to the local church. We have the expertise to create powerful environments so people experience your church, your people, and Christ.

for value.

Our solutions are the lowest cost in the long term. You recoup your investment in less than 2 years and with a system built to last continue saving for many years to come.

Created for volunteers.

No other system focuses on empowering your volunteers. Your church depends on volunteers, so we design systems that keep volunteers fully engaged in your entire ministry for many years.

Focused on engagement.

We build your portable system while you build your team and engage your city. PCI environments engage attendees while requiring less time and volunteers, leaving more room for community and ministry focus.

When you are ready to start your journey in portabilty,
one of our design experts will work with you
to make your vision a reality.


Jeffery Walter

Jeffery Walter

Design Director

  • 9 Years Experience Church Technical Director
  • 150+ Successful Churches Designed & Delivered
  • Specializes in Engaging Auditorium & Children’s Environments
Joe Kalmanir

Joe Kalmanir

System Designer

  • 21 Years Experience In Portabilty & Design
  • Strives To Create New And Engaging Portable Solutions
  • Delivered & Trained Over 350 Churches In The U.S. & Canada
Cory Knuth

Cory Knuth

System Designer

  • 17 Years Experience Audio Enginnering
  • Passionate About Volunteer Development
  • Driven To Create Unique Systems Based On Churches Need
“I should have just gone with you. I thought I was going to save money, but it ended up costing the same, and I don’t have an organized system.”
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