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Keep Your Church Plant Launch Timeline Manageable with This Resource
September 6, 2022

Keep your church plant launch timeline manageable with a 90-day launch checklist. 

A church launch is no simple task. Hundreds of elements must all come together at the right time and in the right way for it to be a success. 

No doubt, you and your team have read numerous articles or books about launching, and you’ve probably consulted with experts, too. However, it would be way more useful to have all of their knowledge, condensed and neatly collected into a step-by-step procedure for you to follow.

Stay organized: 10 Smart Check-In Solutions for Portable Churches

Essentially, you need a checklist. Checklists are easy to use but tremendously important for planning and accomplishing a church launch. Checklists help you to focus on what needs to be done and they keep you from getting caught up in the details. 

In the words of lead pastor, Craig Kackley, “Nothing was going to stop us…but I like to work smart not hard.” And this is exactly what a checklist offers a launch team: the opportunity to work smarter.

People can assume that checklists are only important for the day or two leading up to a launch but what is truly needed is a 90-day launch checklist. A checklist like this will keep your church plant launch timeline manageable and by the time your launch date comes up, you’ll be more than prepared. 

90-day Launch Checklist: Keep Your Church Plant Launch Timeline Manageable

For those who are not convinced that lists and structure are well-suited to their style of leadership and planning, check out these 3 reasons why a checklist will make the run-up to your church launch significantly easier than if you didn’t have one.

1. A plan that is ready to go

Rather than needing to brainstorm for hours with your team, a ready-to-go checklist has already been worked out, edited, and finalized by church launch experts. You should only find mission-critical tasks on your list that directly contribute to launching. 

Right from the start, your checklist should have headings, such as

  • Develop a marketing plan
  • Determine your target audience
  • Run advertising campaigns
  • Design social media ads

However, each of these headings should have actionable steps that will lead you to ticking off these items quickly and without confusion along the way.

Keep your church plant launch timeline manageable with a 90-day launch checklist.

2. Overcome the Overwhelm

Taking on a big task like launching a church can leave leaders feeling considerably overwhelmed. In moments like these, you need to receive direct instructions on what to get done and how to get it done. You don’t need excess information, you need straightforward direction.

Wayne Fisher, pastor at Faithbridge Church, TX, reached out to Portable Church Industries for help with launching and this is his take on how the expert help impacted his launch:

“Why wouldn’t you consult with PCI? If you do it yourself, you are going to land in the back of your pickup truck with a guitar and people around you in lawn chairs, because there is only so much you can do. And at the end of the day, the ministry is what matters. You’re walking uphill trying to put something together by yourself.”

Stay organized: 10 Smart Check-In Solutions for Portable Churches

3. Maximize exposure

Your mind may be focused on the launch itself, but how will people know that you’re launching if you don’t publicize the date and what you have planned for the event?  These steps seem like a need in the distant future, but they really are mission-critical. And a good checklist will outline the steps you must take to gain successful exposure. 

What is better than a team all moving in the same direction? Answer: not much. Checklists benefit your entire church launch team because everyone follows the same set of guidelines.  Click To Tweet


We all want to do things well. And some are better at managing their time, resources, and expertise than others. Using a helpful resource, like a checklist, will benefit your whole team and church because everyone involved in the process will be following the same set of guidelines. 

Download the complete 90-day launch checklist and host a fantastic launch day that will draw your community to church.