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Why 3 Recent Church Launches Rocked Their First Weekend
March 7, 2023

Check out some inspiring recent church launches and the foundational elements each used to make their God-given dreams come true.

It was a chilly Sunday morning, and the sun was already beaming into the church lobby. Guests would enter an emptied area stocked with welcoming church equipment: an info center and coffee bar. Further inside, the auditorium-turned-worship-center was a bustle of activity as the pastors, AVL team members, ushers, and musicians prepared for the church’s first worship service in this location. 

The pastor and launch team had been working hard for months and today was the day it all had to come together. Although, even in the most chaotic moments, a sense of calm was in the air. Volunteers and staff worked together to ready everything for the first visitors’ arrival.

The exterior of the building, framed with branded banners, welcomed passers-by, and the entrance was equally colorful with direction signs and information cards. Everyone was so excited; they could hardly contain it even during times of stillness or prayer.

Welcome to Launch Day.

Check out some inspiring recent church launches and the foundational elements each used to make their God-given dreams come true.

The music team began their first jam while ushers welcomed early visitors. People came into the worship area steadily with freshly brewed coffee in hand, smiling at one another as they filled the seats. 

At 10 AM the first “welcome” was spoken. Naturally, those who had dreamed of this church launch from Day One were overcome with emotion. The service was underway and now it was time to focus on executing the mission of expanding the Kingdom within the community. 

This is just a glimpse behind the scenes of one church launch. After the privilege of participating in thousands of launches, we can say with authority that no two are the same. And yet, there are some common elements that connect the most successful launches, and we are sharing a few of those today. 


It can be a real challenge to launch a new church, especially in an increasingly digital world. It’s a daunting prospect to create something from scratch and build an engaged community out of nothing. But this doesn’t mean it’s impossible! This article will showcase some inspiring launches, highlighting the strategies and elements they used to make their God-given dreams come true.

 Check out some inspiring recent church launches and the foundational elements each used to make their God-given dreams come true.

Why 3 Recent Church Launches Rocked Their First Weekend


1. Successful Church Launches Have Clear Vision and Goals

Not only do successful church launches have clear vision and goals, but those foundational declarations need to be communicated over and over (and over) again. 

Regular communication of a church’s vision and goals with members helps to keep them engaged with the church. In addition, it powerfully reminds every one of the importance of their individual roles in achieving the goals. As a result of this communication, a community is built among the attendees—people who are bonded by a shared purpose and language. 

In addition, let us not underestimate the significance and long-term success of getting everyone on the same page when it comes to the church’s goals, beliefs, values, and expectations. Mutual understanding is critical to a church’s long-term health and success. 


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A post shared by The Church of Eleven22 (@coe22)

 Church of Eleven Vision Night – The Church of Eleven22 (@coe22) • Instagram photos and videos

As for Church of Eleven22, Vision Nights are part of the church culture. The pastor and leaders share the direction where God is leading them for the next year. And by the comments on their social accounts, people are excited to attend and hear the vision for themselves. 

What format are you using to share your vision and goals with your church attendees and members? Would you consider a Vision Night? 

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2. To Rock a Church Launch, Gather the Right People & Technology

Every church wants to make an eternal impact. As a portable church, it’s critical that you have volunteers who invest fully in the mission. Creating a volunteer-friendly environment will help keep a volunteer team engaged and form a strong team bond. Certainly, a force that is united, with everyone committed to furthering the message of Jesus, will be able to accomplish more than individuals working alone. 

Let’s face it: a staff of three pastors cannot set up church for 400. On the other hand, a church launch that includes an army of positive, high-energy volunteers who understand the mission and vision and faithfully serve in their designated capacity can easily prepare for a crowd. Consider every volunteer a conduit for potential attendees.

How Can the Right Tech Impact a Church Launch?

The right tech can be a major cost-saving measure. For instance, tech can reduce staff time spent on admin tasks and overheads associated with running physical events, meaning churches can serve more people with fewer resources. Finally, gathering the right people and tech provides churches with greater potential for impact on individuals and communities around them, allowing them to spread their message even further than before.


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 Union Church – Union Church (@weareunionchurch) • Instagram photos and videos

It’s no secret to anyone on Union Church’s launch team that people and smart tech solutions are critical and very much appreciated. They were pumped for their launch and now they are equally pumped to be in community together, sharing the gospel message with others.

In the case of Union Church, days before launch, the team was putting in hours in preparation for the first service. Leaving no stone unturned, they checked lights, cameras, and cords, and worked together to ensure a great experience. This attention to detail and commitment to the end goal made their recent church launch successful.

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3. Church Launches Need the Right Physical Spaces & Equipment

Of course, having the right equipment when launching a church is non-negotiable. Although a group can “make do” for a while, in the long run, having the right pieces from the start will only maintain morale and confidence in leadership. 

Having flexible gear can mean a larger audience can be accommodated, not to mention offer better and more comfortable accommodations. For example, consider the attention level of an attendee seated comfortably in his chair versus one who is sore and squirmy. No question: successful launches include a consideration of their guests’ comfort. Likewise, over time, quality amenities help create an inviting atmosphere. 

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Lastly, the physical location that is chosen for your church has a deep and long-lasting impact on the success of your launch. If renting or leasing, do you know the building’s history? What’s the perception of the community based on its previous tenants? The right questions will summon information critical to choosing the best location.


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Buffalo Church –  Buffalo Church (@buffalo.church) • Instagram photos and videos

We love how our friends at Buffalo Church in Montana put guests at ease with a coffee bar in the lobby. Not only does it communicate a strong “welcome” to all in attendance, but it also sets a communal tone. 

Do you need to set a tone in your lobby like the folks at Buffalo Church? Investing in a portable bistro cart allows you to set up your coffee station anywhere you want to serve.


A successful church launch will make an eternal impact on the community it serves. On a spiritual level, individuals have the opportunity to connect and grow together in their faith. Furthermore, keeping with the church’s mission, it provides a safe place where people can hear about Christ among a gathering of fellow seekers and believers. 

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