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5 Ways Flexible Space Will Solve Your Space Issues
December 20, 2021

Flexible space in your church will increase opportunities to serve and gather.

We’ve talked to too many pastors and leaders who are paralyzed by the options and decisions surrounding space issues for their church facility.

One church acquired a commercial facility and did basic adaptations to make it suitable for the church’s vision and mission. It was useful and convenient and fit the vision. But for the leadership team, deciding on “next steps” posed challenges. 

Since the church was positioned for growth and — at the same time — had to maintain social distance, the thought of making decisions regarding permanent classrooms, children’s areas, connection areas, and worship space was overwhelming. 


What the leaders of that church didn’t realize is that flexible options exist. What they decide in the “next steps” can work today and also be adapted for great purposes tomorrow. 

Gone are the days of constructing a building or renovating a space and then revolving ministry goals around that brick and mortar building. Although you want to create your space with the long-term in mind, you don’t need to be tied to a design just because it worked twenty years ago. 

What if you need a larger worship center? 

Or more rooms for kids’ ministry? 

Are you forever committed to your (or someone else’s) design? 

There are innovative design solutions used every day that can help you reduce your construction costs and maximize your ministry’s impact and vision.

Whether your church needs more space to accommodate social distancing or to accommodate an influx of attendees, there are flexible options available for your permanent space that will help you achieve your goals.

Here’s how those options will benefit your church and your community. 

5 Ways Flexible Space Will Benefit Your Church


1. Transform Your Space

In a permanent build but need more space? Consider flexible space solutions that can maximize your church’s reach and capacity.

Flexible solutions can quickly transform your space based on current need — and by current we mean this year, this week, or this minute’s need. 

For example, imagine a newly renovated lobby area that was designed with a visitor’s first impression in mind. Between the Welcome Center, great signage, and the inviting coffee bar, your Sunday morning guest has everything they need. 

But what about the group of men who want to meet for Bible study on a Tuesday morning? Instead of asking the study attendees to walk to the back of the building to sit in the kids’ classroom, make use of that spacious lobby with flexible, adaptable solutions. 

Some churches prefer an affordable, predesigned box system. Learn more.


2. Maximizes Smaller Footprint

In a permanent build but need more space? Consider flexible space solutions that can maximize your church’s reach and capacity.

More space does not equal more ministry. We’ve seen churches save money and energy by maintaining their smaller — more affordable — build but unlocking more space with adaptable, flexible choices. 

In other words, having a flexible system allows you to save on the up-front cost of acquiring or building a larger church, and yet maintain options for accommodating large numbers of attendees. 

Having a flexible build out will create a smaller footprint for your church. Save money on the up-front costs of acquiring a larger building and use flexible options in a small space instead.  Click To Tweet


3. Changes With The Times

In a permanent build but need more space? Consider flexible space solutions that can maximize your church’s reach and capacity.

Whether there is a pandemic or not, a strategically-led church is unlikely to be doing ministry in the same way it was 15 or even 3 years ago. Don’t let your future ministry innovation be held hostage by the structure you chose today. 

In addition, different leaders might envision space usage differently. Though we hope a leader doesn’t design the layout based entirely on personal preference, it does happen. Out of the gate, a flexible design will allow changes to be easily made when the need arises. 


4. Makes The World Your Space

In a permanent build but need more space? Consider flexible space solutions that can maximize your church’s reach and capacity.

With flexible options for sound and visual equipment, the team can pick up and go anywhere to conduct a worship service, present a concert, or oversee a community event. 

Want to commemorate a day in your community by having a worship service at a local park? No need to ditch the music and ask your pastor to yell. Just bring your flexible AVL equipment. 

The days of “build it and they will come” are now non-existent. All churches need to think outside of their walls, and building with flexible space in mind sets you up to make that happen. 

Need to improve or simplify your system? Learn about upgrades


5. Serve The Community

In a permanent build but need more space? Consider flexible space solutions that can maximize your church’s reach and capacity.

With an adaptable space, you can open up your facility for community purposes. 

Consider the diverse groups and needs within your community like schools, civic organizations, and clubs. With minimal effort, your flexible space can adapt to provide them two things — first, a meeting space for their group, and second, an introduction to you and your team. 

Environments that transform will attract different cultures, interests, and people with varying  needs. 

And as a bonus, your church can use this option as a revenue stream. 

Think about this — for a nominal fee and limited effort you can rent portions of your facility to outside groups. The benefit is twofold because again, it gives you access to individuals who might otherwise never step into your church, and it also generates income for your church. 

Spaces that are built flexibly, like lobbies that transform into classrooms one day and a coffee house the next, can be used to serve the community at large. The possibilities are endless. (And potentially profitable.) Click To Tweet


While there’s a lot to learn about construction and engineering, it’s important to have a team around you who can craft flexible designs that fit your church’s story and vision. With flexible space options, your church’s dream can be brought to life.

We’d love to help.

At PCI, our FlexSpace Designs do exactly what we touched on here — they provide a more effective use of space and place, and make it simple for churches to be more community-centric.

Here’s what a recent church leader said about PCI’s Flexible Solutions:  

“Flex Space is allowing us to easily redefine our spaces and respond to the needs…even outside these 4 walls.” 

Is your church on the fence about doing a build out, construction project, or portable environment? It’s easy and free to contact one of our experts who can answer your questions and give you unique ideas to improve and maximize your space. 

Here’s a convenient checklist of things to avoid in your next building project. You’ll also find solutions and ideas used by real churches like yours in our resource: 6 Mistakes To Avoid In Your Next Church Build Out.

How have you adapted your space and made it serve more than one purpose? Drop a comment and share your experience.