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7 Pieces of Equipment Every Mobile Church Needs
March 29, 2022

Which pieces of mobile church equipment are truly essential? 

Not every church starts off in a church building with dedicated rooms and spaces to do ministry. A lot of churches start off as mobile or portable churches. These churches meet in places like a local school building or community center. And while these are perfectly good options for churches, they lack certain amenities that churches who own their own building have.

Mobile and portable churches need certain equipment that will help them minister in buildings that aren’t their own. So what are some pieces of equipment that are necessary? There are a wide variety of needs, but the ones highlighted below are essential. 

Learn which pieces of mobile church equipment are essential as you launch, and what pieces can wait.

7 Pieces of Equipment Every Mobile Church Needs

1. A Reliable Laptop

Church planters are on the go all the time. They need a reliable laptop that they can take to coffeehouses or other meetings. They need a laptop to host Zoom meetings. And, most importantly they need a reliable laptop to help run programs for Sunday morning worship. The great news is that while some computers can be expensive, you can find a very good and reliable used computers on eBay, Overstock.com, macofalltrades.com.

2. Projector(s)

Having one or more projectors is really important. At the bare minimum, you need one for the main service. However, it would be nice to have one available for the Children’s and Youth Ministry areas as well. You can use these projectors for projecting worship music lyrics so everyone can see them and to play videos or highlight points and Bible verses from a message. Projectors are incredibly affordable these days so getting multiple for your portable church Could be within budget. 

3. Sound Equipment and Portable Speaker Systems

Having adequate sound is really important. You need sound to project well to those in the audience, and, if you live stream, equipment that will transmit well over the internet. However, the main worship area isn’t the only area that needs this element. The Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry could use portable speaker systems. Examine your needs and get the right system for your environment.

4. Rolling Storage Cases

Being portable means that you don’t have a “space” of your own. And because you don’t have a space, that means you don’t have dedicated storage. You need portable rolling storage cases. These rolling storage cases make it easy for you to pack and unpack and move them around to the places in the building where you will be setting up. And our cases are just the fix for this problem! You will also need a place to store cases, we recommend trailers. But there are other options as well.

Learn which pieces of mobile church equipment are essential as you launch, and what pieces can wait.

5. Banner and Signs

Where do people go? How do they get there? If you had a permanent building, the signs would be all over the place. However, being a portable or mobile church, you have to buy signs that are easy to set up and easy to store. It is very important to have the right signage showing where people are to go and how they get there. Signs that highlight where students and children go as well as signs that show where to park and where the main service is. When you are in a building that’s not your own, it is not that obvious where people need to go. Make it simple and provide great banners and signs. 

Color, variety, and clarity. Check out our signage gallery.

6. Hotspot or Wireless Router

When you are a portable church getting internet connection from a building you are in is not always reliable. And, it is out of your control. That is why having a hotspot or wireless router of your own that you can bring in will be very helpful. Hotspots can be purchased at any wireless carrier and you can buy multiple ones depending on the needs of your ministries. At the very least, having one for the main service can be very helpful. 

7. Consumables 

While not exactly a “piece of equipment”, you are going to need consumables, things like tape, pens, batteries, and other necessities. This is really important because just when you least expect it batteries die, something breaks that tape can fix, and pens or other writing supplies are needed. If you already have these necessities, you won’t have to run around town finding them. 

Equipment Factors: How To Choose The Right Essential Equipment for Your Portable Church

These are just 7 pieces of equipment a portable church needs to be effective. It takes a lot of work, planning and teamwork to operate a mobile church. You may need to be creative to begin, but these pieces of equipment should help you get a solid start on ministering to your community most effectively. 

What do you think? What would you add or change? Share with us. 

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