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The Benefits of Portable Church® Cases
July 10, 2019

Load in, load out, repeat.

Rolling in and out of a rented facility on a weekly basis comes with the territory of being a portable church. And even though it may seem like a logistical nightmare at first, it really doesn’t have to be! Our cases have so many benefits that make it possible for this very thing to happen with ease. Here are some of the benefits of PCI cases…


We have tested multiple kinds of materials for manufacturing our cases, and every time we come back to using wood. We use an ultralight wood that is 36% lighter than standard plywood with the same strength. Wood is unaffected by high vibrations which keep the screws in place and protects your gear from the transference of the vibrations. Also, benefits of not being a metal case are there are no sharp edges, it doesn’t rust or loose bolts, it is kid friendly, and it is much quieter when you are pushing it around. Another benefit, the castor wheels on our cases are non-marking and non-marring castors, which offers protection for surfaces the cases come in contact with.


Adding carpet to cover the wood makes the cases exponentially stronger than non-carpeted. The carpet also acts as a natural insulator which is 15 times better than masonry, 400 times better than steel and 1,770 times better than aluminum. All that to say, the carpet covered wood cases protect your gear the best. 


A unique and valuable benefit to PCI cases is the ability for vertical and horizontal shelving, which allows you to store multiple types and sizes of items in these cases. Having this unique style of shelving also gives you the ability to strategically store equipment. For example, everything needed for your speaker system (speakers, stands, cabling, etc.) can all store in one case, each organized in their specifically sized location inside the case. This will ultimately increase productivity and efficiency when loading in and out.


Our cases and shelving are designed to grow with you and the needs of your ministry. If your needs change for a specific case, no need to purchase a new case. Simply move the shelving around to accommodate your new need. Each shelf is attached in a way that makes it effortless to moving around within the case. Most all of our standard cases can be completely customizable to address your current and future needs.


Consistency is one of most important aspects of any successful portable church design. This is why every one of our shelved cases comes with a diagram that clearly explains and visually shows the layout of that specific case, allowing a first-time volunteer to be easily trained and begin helping immediately.

Resale value

A less commonly known benefit of our cases is the resale value. Typically, they resell for 50-75% of what they were purchased for. 

Thanks to all of these benefits there are Portable Church® cases that are STILL in use after 25 years which is why we believe in them more than any other transportation solution. 

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