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Churches That Have Made Movie Theaters Their Homes
May 9, 2016

The church is going to the movies!

Yes indeed, an increasing number of churches and theaters are coming together in holy matrimony. And why not? A welcome atmosphere, comfortable theater seats, built-in screens and great acoustics are just some of the undeniable advantages of a movie theater church.

Are you looking to launch your church in an out-of-the-box, portable venue? Here is some inspiration from churches who are filling up the seats at their local movie theaters:

(As of 2016)

  • The Point Knox, TN: People come as they are to this theater church. No pretense, just real questions in a great non-church environment.
  • Lifeway Church, PA: Children feel right at home in a kid-friendly, safe and comfortable setup at Regal Cinemas.
  • Valley Christian Church, NY: Setting up in a movie theater helped enhance the kids’ ministry and simplify church management – ultimately, a winning show for all!
  • City Hills Church, VA: Every week, real-life story endings are rewritten at this church in the Alamo Cinema, Ashburn, VA.
  • Rock Church, NC: The kids’ ministry at Rock Church redefines fun with a bounce house in the theater lobby each week!
  • Celebration Church, LA: This church meets in eight campuses across Greater New Orleans, including the airport hotel in Kenner and the AMC Palace 16 Theatre in Westbank.
  • Mission Church, TX: This Gospel-centered church meets at Palladium IMAX, where it uses the many different theaters for worship services and programs.
  • Grace Covenant Church, DC: Hop off the metro, and straight into church! Every Sunday real-life stories are rewritten at Regal Cinemas 14 Gallery Place, bang in the heart of DC.
  • Rolling Hills Baptist Church, GA: Wherever there is a need, that’s where this church wants to be! That’s why they sold their 20-acre campus and moved to a movie theater –  to be better embedded in the community.
  • Refuge Church, TN: A comfortable and welcoming local movie theater doubles up as a safe place to find Jesus.
  • Canvas San Francisco, CA: Travis and Jena Clark wanted to launch a church that looked more like a family and an institution. The Presidio Movie Theater turned out to be the perfect place to execute this vision.
  • The Bridge Fellowship, TX: The fun, creative and safe environment at the Palladium Campus theater draws people who might have never stepped into a traditional church!
  • Chase Oaks Church, TX: The 544 Campus of Chase Oaks holds the weekend service in a 450-seater theater room with a massive screen! Plus, it uses 6 additional theaters for its kids’ and student ministries.
  • The Meeting House, ON: People can grab some popcorn and meet Jesus minus the rules, rituals and religion here! This multi-site church gathers mainly in movie theaters across 18 locations in Ontario, Canada.
  • Connexus Church, ON: The weekend services at the informal Galaxy Cinema fit right in with Connexus’ vision to reach out to the unchurched.
  • Calgary Life Church, AB: This church’s move from permanence to portability allowed it to set up a separate family theater and expand its capacity for children’s ministry.

Movies and church can definitely mix! In fact, there are some fantastic advantages of hosting church services in a movie theater.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider a theater for your weekend services:

  1. Great location: Most movie theaters are located in familiar and prime locations that people visit frequently. Besides being easily accessible, they also come with ample parking space. The nearby coffee shops and restaurants are always a welcome bonus!
  2. Welcoming atmosphere: The non-traditional, comfortable and casual environment of a theater church is ideal for inviting the unchurched. After all, who doesn’t love going to the movies?
  3. Enhanced church experience: Big screens, comfortable chairs and state-of-the-art media take the experience to a new level. Song lyrics, presentations and sermon broadcasts are so much more impactful on a massive screen.
  4. Simplified church operations: There is little or no conflict with theater schedules on a Sunday morning. Plus, it doesn’t take long to set up at a theater. No stacking of chairs or unloading of heavy sound equipment – church operations are a breeze at the cinema.
  5. Easy to get the kids to go to church: Kids love the idea of going to the theater every Sunday! Most movie theater churches leverage the space available to set up different children’s areas that are safe and fun. The big screens, of course, are always popular with the little ones.

So, what’s not to love about a theater church?

Our team, at Portable Church, helped all of these churches (plus a ton more) make movie theaters their home.

In fact, we have helped churches move into all kinds of venues, including a casino, zoo and bowling alley!

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