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Pastor, What Do Churches and Movies Have In Common?
April 18, 2016

As a pastor, your eyes might have gotten bigger on reading this blog title. After all, what common storyline can connect the real Christian life with the reel life, right?

Well, the answer is simply, the Movie Theater! A Christian walking into a movie theater on a Sunday morning can potentially incur judgment from others in the faith. But congregations without their own church buildings are actually meeting in unique locations like pizza parlors, roller derbies, casinos and yes, movie theaters!

At Portable Church, we believe that each congregation is unique and so is its meeting place. That’s why we’ve been helping churches set up weekend services in unique locations, for the past 25+ years. While that journey has seen some really creative venues, movie theaters deserve a special mention!


When Valley Christian Church in Poughkeepsie, NY decided to launch a new location, we were able to help them premiere at the local community theater! With an engaging children’s ministry at its core, the church was looking for an ideal location for its kids. Well, what better venue than a familiar and comfortable movie theater?


The big screens turned out to be super impactful teaching tools for the little ones. In fact, the built-in screens, awesome lighting, and acoustics took the worship experience and sermon broadcast to the next level!

We converted the theater into an inviting and kid-friendly church by transforming three theater areas into fun and safe environments for different age groups. The parents loved it!


So did the staff because they didn’t have much to set up or tear down since a movie theater is always on. Plus the media-friendly venue made life easy for those behind the scenes and those in the seats. And no infrastructure to build, purchase, or store means more money for missions!


What’s more, the restaurants around the church theater turned out to be great for fellowship and engagement with other unchurched families. Ultimately, a winning show for all and you can catch the full story of that blockbuster HERE!

Pastor, are you looking to host your weekend church service in a unique, portable venue? With our decades of experience and unmatched love for church gatherings, we’d love to help you find the perfect venue for your upcoming church services.

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