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FAQs Answered: How To Set Up Your Pop-up Expand Sign
July 28, 2022


Find out how to set up and dismantle your portable church pop-up expand sign with this short video.

Time is always of the essence when it comes to setting up and tearing down. Now that you have invested in some great signs for your church, you’ll want to know the best ways to set them up, tear them down, and look after them. Some people think that leaning into their intuition is the best way, but we recommend learning from our church launch specialists because they really do know best.

If you’ve read some of our articles about best practices, you’ll know that well-placed signs are crucial, especially in portable church setups. We want you to know how best to set up our impressive portable church pop-up expand sign. We advise using our instructional video as part of your team training course.

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In this short video, Debbie walks through:

  • Expanding the frame
  • Securing the frame
  • Erecting the sign safely
  • Dismantling the sign correctly

Make your training day straightforward for your leaders and volunteers by sharing this clip with your team members. 

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Need to know how to erect and dismantle PCI’s impressive pop-up expandable signs quickly and safely? Check out this short video and share it with your team today. Click To Tweet