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How to Live Video Stream and Start Church Online
March 11, 2020

Simple, easy-to-use streaming kits for those wanting to get started quickly

In light of the coronavirus outbreak, many churches around the world have recently been faced with the urgent task of continuing ministry activities in creative ways. For many, this means that online church via live streamed video has moved from a ministry tool to an essential method for their church family to remain connected.

In knowing who our church partners are around the world and the tools they currently need for ministry, and will need in the future, we realize that many of you are in a hurry to get started with online church live video streaming, and we’re here to help.

As many of you may have already heard, Portable Church® Industries has recently partnered with Resi to provide portable live video streaming kits (CODE Series) with everything you need to get started, including cameras, tripods, and encoders. These packages are easy to set up, simple to use, and range in price depending on included hardware and features. For more information on the different CODE Series streaming kit options available, visit resi.io/products/streaming-kits/

If you’re just getting started with live video streaming, you may not know where to begin and what streaming kit is right for you. Some great entry-level options are the NCODE Series 1 Package (1 camera solution) or the NCODE Series 2 Package (multi-camera solution with switching capability). Even though all of the CODE Series options deploy quickly and are easy to use, these two solutions were designed specifically with the first-time live streaming church in mind. However, no matter the solution you choose, you have the assurance knowing you will receive the excellence and volunteer-friendly mindset you’re accustomed to receiving in a fully integrated Portable Church® Industries solution, paired with the reliable and high-quality video transmission of Resi’s web streaming.

Along with a CODE Series live streaming kit, a Resi service plan is required for broadcast. These plans include data for streaming, and tools such as automated scheduling, proactive monitoring, and phone/email streaming support (yes, even at 5 am on a Sunday!). Depending on the streaming plan you choose, options include Social Only streaming (simultaneous streaming to Facebook and Youtube), as well as Pro Web + Social streaming (simultaneous streaming to your website, social media, apps, etc.). For more information on Resi’s streaming plans, visit resi.io/contact

Through this season of uncertainty, we at Portable Church® Industries remain hopeful and know that God is in control of all things. Our mission is simple, yet significant… provide the church with the tools and the solutions that allow the church to be the church. Whether in times of growth and multiplication, or in times of virus, natural disaster, or any other obstacle, we will continue to be the industry leader and continue to provide you with innovative solutions that help you carry out your mission and spread the gospel throughout the world.

For more information on Portable Church® Industries and Portable Church® solutions, visit portablechurch.com.

Written By: Matt Groves, Director of Consulting