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February 22, 2016

Are you trying to structure your volunteer teams for your Sunday experiences?

We’ve fine-tuned and tested best practices over the past 23 years while helping more than 2,000 churches of all sizes.

One of the most valuable learnings has been figuring out how to set-up and take-down the portable environments with volunteer teams in the most efficient way.

Want to a peek at the most efficient processes to put into place while keeping your volunteers fresh and happy?

Inside this time-tested resource you’ll find answers to:

— How many volunteers do you need on each team?
— What’s the best structure for your teams?
— What’s critical to include for your team leader job descriptions?
— What are the 5-step of an Efficient Set-up Process?
— What is the best set-up order for things in each ministry area?

These are the same systems and processes that our own PCI trainers use when rolling out systems at new church locations.

You’ll want to review and share this resource with everyone involved with set-up and tear-down each week.

Let us know below what email address to send the downloadable resource to so you can get started!