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FAQs Answered: How To Set Up Your Foam Flooring
August 25, 2022


Discover the quickest way to lay your portable church foam flooring in your kidsmin space and improve your set-ups times.

With most tasks in life, there is a slow way to do it, and a more efficient way, too. Your team should be trying to find the quickest, safest, and most efficient ways to set up and tear down because no one truly wants to spend longer than needed to do these tasks. 

Foam flooring can take some time to get used to and setting it up can take much longer than anticipated if you don’t know the best way to lay each piece. We want you and your team to know the most efficient way to lay your portable church foam flooring, so that your Sunday setting up is not held back by this task and your kidsmin area looks ready and waiting for some fun to be had.

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In this short video, Jesse walks through:

  • Lining up the tabs of the foam flooring pieces
  • The ease of pressing down and smoothing over

Make sure you share this clip with your kidsmin set-up team so that they can get this task done more efficiently.

Does your church or ministry need portable church foam flooring? Do you have questions about the various kidsmin environments we can create? We’re here to help! Book a call with us today.

Does your kidsmin team know the most efficient way to set up PCI’s foam flooring? Check out this short video and share it with your team today. Click To Tweet