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The Convenient Way To Transform Spaces For Multiple Purposes
March 31, 2022

Portable churches aren’t the only ones who have found innovative ways to make space work for their mission. 

Permanent churches also benefit from flexible spaces that serve multi-purposes and eliminate a level of commitment to a design. 

In this interview, Portable Church Industry’s Director of Marketing, Jesse Reed, shares PCI’s unique solution to accommodate the practical need for adaptable church setup and design: FlexSpace Design Solutions. 

Permanent and portable churches can use flexible design solutions to re-envision their space, accommodate a variety of ministries, and develop community relationships.


Your opportunities should not be limited by the walls of a church. The needs of your community, church, culture will all change over time, and you should be able to change with it. With flexible options, you can create venue spaces that are deeply transformative while remaining current and adaptable to shifting requirements.

For example, your church’s gymnasium might house the children’s ministry on Sundays, but it can host other gatherings during the week, and even be rented to a local school sports team on Saturdays. 

With the solutions designed by PCI, entire venues to single rooms are made multi-functional and more community-centric.

Here are 4 reasons churches have been happy with FlexSpace Designs:

  1. Opens church doors to more opportunities, from a small coffee house to a weekend worship event. 
  2. Churches can make the most of a smaller footprint by finding multiple purposes for their space. 
  3. Whether churches build or rent smaller facilities, a small space will save money. 
  4. For churches who own their facility, they can make it available to outside groups to generate revenue – at the rate of 10-20+%!


Another perk of flexible solutions is the church can be flexible to the point of having ministry moments outside of the facility. Whether you conduct your worship service in a parking lot, park, or backyard, simply bring your adaptable AVL gear.

The team can pick up and go wherever to conduct a church service, present a concert, or oversee a community event thanks to versatile sound and video equipment options. 

What about churches who need flex space to become more intimate? Jesse has advice in that department.


What about churches who are having to re-envision their worship experiences post-pandemic?

“Ask yourself: What do you really need to “do” church right now?,” says Jesse. “It’s not about where you were or where you’re going to be in four years. But where are you right now? Whether we’re talking about equipment, locations, or volunteers, where are you right now?”

Will you consider where you’re at right now? 

  • Do you need to block off some areas of your worship center to make it more intimate? 
  • Or do you need to lean into flexibility and conduct worship experiences in a classroom setting or smaller venue? 

As Jesse asked, what are your church’s needs right now?

We’d love to help. Book a call with PCI and talk to one of our experts about your church’s unique situation and needs. 

Check out the video above and hear what Jesse has to say about designing for critical mass, using space to make community connections, and how to retain volunteers in portable church environments.