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FAQs Answered: How to Properly Wrap Your Cables
December 1, 2022

Learn how to properly wrap your extension cords, xlr and dmx cables for longevity.

Stop the Dad Wrap. 

You know the technique we all use when we’re quickly wrapping up the weed whipper in the driveway or the rope from the outdoor playset? That age-old method might work great at home, but skip it for your AVL cords at church. 

Here’s why: Over time, that kind of tight wrap will damage the rubber jacketed cable and decrease its life. One reason is that each cable has its own preferred way of coiling, and a wrap technique that honors that natural tendency will keep it in good condition. 

Wrap Cables According to their Natural Design

In this video, Jesse quickly demonstrates the best way to wrap cables using a looser coiling method and securing with our custom rip-tie.

Whether you’re wrapping xlr and dmx cords for your portable church or stashing away cords for other purposes, this method is great for your equipment’s health 

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Say no to the Dad Wrap. Instead, lengthen the life of your cords by wrapping them according to their natural design, with a loose coiling method. For more tips, follow us on social.  Click To Tweet