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FAQs Answered: Take Better Care of Your Trailer
November 3, 2022

Learn how to properly maintain your trailer.

Owning a trailer is serious business. While it makes portability a breeze (and you know we love that here at PCI), our trailers bear the brunt of a great many things, the weather included, and so it also deserves some loving care every once in a while. Although to do so isn’t exactly a walk in the park, PCI has got a few tips and tricks to keep your trailer maintained and looking as good as new every time.

In this video, Jesse walks us through the bits and bobs that you’ll have to account for to avoid the buildup of rust, dirt, and dust, which includes the maintenance of the following:

  • Your door hinges
  • Your Zerk fittings
  • Lock upkeep
  • Your electrical connections, and
  • the hitch

Jesse also introduces us to the owner’s manual, which should come with your trailer kit; and although everybody dreads having to flip and read through the entirety of the manual much like they would the terms and conditions of an agreement, Jesse asserts very clearly the importance of the owner’s manual in taking your trailer for its annual check-up.

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