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How to Disassemble a Playpanel
March 9, 2022

What kind of boundaries and barriers are being used in your church’s kidsmin and nursery areas? Playpanels are a lightweight, affordable, and convenient way to create boundaries where they might not naturally exist. 

In church plants and multisite churches, playpanels not only create walls wherever they’re needed, but they also stretch the limits of how space can be used. For decades, we’ve seen churches creatively erect playpanels and organize areas in practical and innovative ways. 

How To Disassemble a Playpanel

In this video, Jesse Reed, PCI’s Director of Sales & Marketing, demonstrates exactly how to disassemble a playpanel. It’s easy and fast, and requires just one tool: disassembly pliers. 

Check out the demo and be sure to “like” it so you can access it later when you’re in disassembly mode and need a refresher!


Need to assemble? We’ve got you covered with a playpanel assemble demo from Jesse. 

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