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FAQs Answered: Introducing the Best Bins
November 17, 2022

Discover why we love these durable, clear, portable church storage bins

Not all bins are created equal. 

The plastic bins found in your local big box store are colorful and sometimes sturdy, but the solid nature of the material makes it impossible to know its contents without a large, clear, updated label. 

Why not skip that step and use clear bins instead?

And what about the elusive lost lid? One team member opens a bin and sets down the lid, only to have a teammate nearby grab and move the lid to access the items underneath. Two hours later, the team is on a Lost Lid Hunt. 

Best Bins for Portable Church Organization

Instead of rifling around storage bins or searching for the lost lid, we have a solution for you. PCI’s bins are a proven favorite—-here’s why. 

  • The bins’ transparency makes for easy identification of contents
  • Their plastic material is extremely durable, unlike their discounted counterparts
  • The lids are secure and attached, making them very difficult to break or lose
  • Our bins are stackable and easily reusable. 

To see the bins for yourself, check out the clip above and discover other bin benefits shared by Jessee. 

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Which elements make our bins so popular? They’re extra durable, convenient, and easy to keep in one piece. Need storage solutions? Contact PCI today. Share on X