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Best 90-Day Launch Plan for Church Plants
November 8, 2022

Host a phenomenal launch day by following our 90-Day church planting plan.

Many have gone before you on the journey of planting churches and navigating all the twists and turns that it involves. Today, we are in a privileged position because we have so many valuable resources to consult when our church leadership teams feel called to extend the Kingdom. 

And yet, with resources aplenty, what a church planting team needs in those months leading up to launch – crunch time – is a solid church planting plan. 

Your team could probably come up with a plan that would work well, as long as they did extensive research. However, some churches don’t have a timeline that facilitates lengthy research and consultations with those who have already planted churches. Or, perhaps your church wants to avoid most of the pitfalls that are inevitable when you plant your first church.

In these cases, your church will want a church planting plan that is already made and proven to work. 

We have worked with thousands of churches and facilitated their successful church planting journeys. Let us help by giving you a launch checklist to serve as your church planting plan. 

4 Reasons Why Our 90-Day Launch Plan Is For You

1. It’s the ideal checklist for opening a church

By using this checklist, you’ll be leaning on our experience and a proven model for your church launch. This launch plan has been tried and tested by thousands of successful churches. This means that there is no need for you to stumble across the numerous unforeseen roadblocks that pop up on the path toward planting a new church. 

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2. Arrive at “Launch Day” fully prepared

We’ve laid out a 10-step checklist that will ensure that you have thought of everything and done everything that is needed to host an excellent launch day.

This means that you don’t need to do the extra work of researching all that is required for an effective church launch. So, you are saved a lot of time and can focus your attention on more interesting aspects of church planting.

Justin Powell from Fieldstone Church, MI, described their launch day as “phenomenal” because of the level of excellence that they were able to achieve as a result of following our checklist. 

“Thanks for the practical wisdom in our consultations, for the clarity and patience in our training, and for the immediate availability when we’ve had questions and follow up needs. So thankful for you guys and the role you played in planting our church!”

Your new church can host a phenomenal launch day by following our 90-day church planting plan. This list has been tried and tested by thousands of churches across the country: Download your checklist from our site, now. Share on X

3. Use what has already worked

We follow recipes because we know that someone else (or thousands of others) has tried and tested the ingredients and steps, and the dish has worked out really well. 

You can see this 90-day launch plan as a really good recipe that just works. We have helped thousands of churches launch successfully by following our checklist.

What is better than following a recipe that is guaranteed to result in success? Side-step wasting time and follow a list of actions that will have the biggest impact.

Host a phenomenal launch day by following our 90-day church planting plan.

4. Every launch is an opportunity to make noise.

If you host a super successful launch day, people will inevitably talk about it.  This means that you must view your launch day as a useful tool for you and your team because it’s a way of reaching into the community and letting people know that you have planted a church and that it is worth visiting.

By following our checklist, you’ll build momentum from the very beginning.

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It’s super simple to get on board with us and start your journey of church planting, already set up for success. We are excited to help your church launch and we’re happy to provide free resources to help you. 

Start your church planting journey today: Download the 90-Day Pre-Launch Checklist.