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15 Ultimate Resources for Church Planters
May 17, 2021

Peter Wagner has famously said that church planting is the “single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven.” However, the journey of planting a new church is far from an easy one, which is why you need church planting resources! 

Anxiety regarding finances, stress about leadership and uncertainty about success are some of the challenges that church planters face. Nevertheless, the right support can help ease the tension and make the journey worthwhile. Well, what better way to seek guidance than to learn from those who have walked this journey before? We have now compiled a list of 15 essential church planting resources by some of the best in the field. Let’s take a look:

Online resources

We need more churches! That is why many leaders have set out to equip and empower church planters by providing easily accessible online resources. In this following section, we have put together a few online resources that can bless your journey as a church planter.

1. StartCHURCH

As the name suggests, startCHURCH provides all the information you need to kick-start a church. Here, you will find a list of services, products and conferences to help you with all the essentials. From practical help and tools for establishing a board to sorting out your tax –  startCHURCH covers it all! Explore the website for more information.

2. NewChurches.com

This online hub, by Ed Stetzer and Daniel Im, is buzzing with podcasts, courses, event listings and other resources related to church multiplication. With a continuous flow of support from experts such as Todd Adkins and Shawn Lovejoy, this website is bound to offer you key insights regarding church planting. Take a look at NewChurches.com here.

3. Christianity Today’s Church Planting Resource Roundup

Check out Ed Stetzer’s compilation of blog posts, including 3 Pieces of Advice from a Church Planter to Church Planters and 5 Reasons Established Churches Should Plant Churches. These rich resources will certainly help you take the right steps in the course of your church planting journey. Explore Ed Stetzer’s curated list of resources here.

4. Ministry Grid

If you’re looking for training by ministry experts, Ministry Grid is your online destination. Here, you will find over 3,000 exclusive training videos that cover every aspect of ministry.

You can either sign up for the individual plan – perfect for an individual leader; church plan – ideal for a church of any size; or a ministry plan – best suited for building a particular ministry area. Check out Ministry Grid and see how this resource can bless your ministry.

5. The Exchange

This widely popular blog offers you valuable insights by seasoned church leaders such as Daniel Im, Gary Corwin and Matt Busby. Here, you will find blog posts such as Church Planting 101, which explains eight time-tested principles of church planting, and Three Practices For Third Space Churches, which explores how churches can flourish in the midst of a cultural shift. There’s a whole lot more waiting for you on The Exchange! Click here to explore all the blogs.

6. Churchplanting.com

Here is another precious resource for church planters like you. With tons of practical help and insights from the who’s who of church planting on a large range of topics, this website will offer you some precious pearls of wisdom. Take a look at all the tips and resources related to church planting here.

Church planting networks

Church planting is difficult and complicated. Therefore, it’s crucial to find a tribe of other planters and pastors who can support you during the process. Thankfully, there are several networks created specifically to equip and encourage church planters like you. Here are six church planting networks that can be great support systems for you:

7. Acts 29

Whether you are a new church planter or an established church looking for new ways to impact the community, Acts 29 has fantastic resources lined up for you. This church planting network provides assessment, coaching and training that will not only equip you for long-term success, but also help you gain theological clarity. Take a look at all that Acts 29 has in store for you here.

8. Association of Related Churches (ARC)

ARC provides you with training, both online and in-person, to help you think through the different ‘how-tos’ of church planting. You’ll get insights on everything church planters need to know – right from how to build a launch team to how to implement an assimilation process that works. Click here to see if ARC’s offerings suit your needs.   

9. Church Multiplication Network (CMN)

Church Multiplication Network primarily helps church planters in the area of funding. So far, CMN’s Matching Fund service has helped fund hundreds of churches. Who knows, you could be next! In addition, CMN provides necessary training for church planters with their CMNU program. Its two other programs are CMN Launch, which helps church planters start churches, and CMN Multiply, which equips planters to lead churches. Learn more about Church Multiplication Network here.   

10. The Summit Network

Driven by the vision to plant 1,000 churches, the Summit Network aims to equip and support church planters on their journey. With coaching and funding for both individual planters as well as churches, the Summit Network is dedicated to helping leaders like you fulfill the Great Commission. Explore the Summit Network here.   

11. Eccelesia Network

Ecclesia is a relational network that equips, partners and multiplies missional churches. This network provides relevant training and residency programs for those called to plant churches. Wondering if Ecclesia is the right network for you? Explore its website to find out.

12. Stadia Church Planting

Stadia believes in doing whatever it takes until every child has a church. That is why this network has set out to help those who are invested in expanding the Kingdom with their vision to plant churches. Stadia provides assessments, residency programs and a discovery program that helps leaders recognize their strengths for church planting. Learn more about how Stadia can help you here.


Who doesn’t enjoy a good read? In the following section we have pinned down a few great books that need to be a part of every church planter’s library. Let’s take a look…

13. Center Church

By Tim Keller (Zondervan, 2012)

Decades of Keller’s own experience in pastoral ministry is captured in this 400-page book. 

Center Church holds great insights for planters and leaders about theology, preaching, revival and cultural engagement. 

Tim Keller also talks about the different stages of church planting, where the planter needs to learn, love, link and then launch. This book is widely seen as one of the best resources for church planters. Don’t miss out! Get Center Church here.

14. Church Planter 

By Darrin Patrick (Crossway, 2010)

This book is a must-read for every Christian leader! You will find valuable insights and sound wisdom that will urge you to better root the Gospel in your church. Read this book to be challenged and inspired to be a better leader for Christ. Get Church Planter here.

15. Planting Missional Churches: Your Guide to Starting Churches that Multiply

By Ed Stetzer and Daniel Im (B&H Academic, 2006)

Ed Stetzer’s original book – Planting Missional Churches – gets a ‘bump up’ in this edition with updated research and observations, plus added material by Daniel Im. This book is a tool to help planters create a biblically focused vision and practical strategy for planting.

Pick up the latest edition for new insights in the field of church multiplication. Get Planting Missional Churches here.

You can also check out this list of books that every church planter needs to read.

What other church planting resources have you found that have been beneficial?

Whether you are an individual planter or a church that is looking to plant a new campus, you are bound to face many challenges along the way. However, with the right kind of assistance and guidance, you can overcome these challenges and move towards success.

Over the last few decades, Portable Church has partnered with many church planters to help them launch successfully. If you are planning to launch a church, we would love to be a part of your journey, too!

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