Helping You Thrive More in 2019

Last Updated on: Jan 31, 2019 @ 11:35 am

Hello, pastors and leaders in the portable church world! You are our favorite people in the world. We truly believe there are so many great things that come from being a portable church … I am just so excited about this year ahead that is going to be launched for us in just a bit. I am Kevin Jones, originally a client and user of PCI Systems, about 20 years ago through a church plant. Since then, I’ve been on launch teams for campus launches. Most recently, I am a reuser of a PCI System crew planting a local church right here outside of Detroit two years ago.

We are a couple weeks into the new year. I wanted to bring a few things to your early attention that we’re going to be rolling out in just the next few weeks and next months. First and foremost, and the main reason for this video, we are going to be launching Five Minute Mondays, starting on January 28th. We have, over the past many weeks, and the end of the year last year, ran a whole bunch of surveys, trying to figure out what is it that you, the portable church world, wants to hear about, that you are having a hard time finding out about. We ran some surveys, collected a lot of great data and information. We are going to be giving to you guys, through Five Minute Mondays, a lot of that information to help you guys thrive even more in portable church environments.

We’re going to be starting off on the 28th with our Multi-Site Timeline. This is a timeline that has been created for churches that are looking at doing their very first campus, or even ones that have done campuses before, but they want to do it with more organization. It’s a tool that has been living on our site for a handful of weeks. We’re getting a lot of really great press from it. It’s not officially been pushed out. It’s just a little sneak peak, if you’re interested in seeing it. You can get it on our website,, and then click on the Resources link. You can download it from there.

We’re going to be starting off going through this bubble by bubble, talking to you about which each of these are. This is a very brief summary. It’s a checklist that you can go through as you are getting ready to launch your campus. We’re going to go into greater detail on each of these through Five Minute Mondays. Then, after that, we’ll just be hitting a lot of different topics on kid’s check-in, security, curriculum, hospitality environments, and just lots of other things. Also, we are going to be at a whole lot of conferences coming up, that if you are going to be at any of them let us know. Drop us some comments. Shoot us a note. We will want to set up a coffee, a breakfast, lunch, and dinner with you, and do it on us. We’ll pay for the meal. We just want to hear your story, learn more about what’s going on, and answer your questions.

We will be at NAMM, if any of you will be at NAMM, just next week out in California. We’re going to be learning a lot about the new technology that’s being released out in the world, and how we continue to use that to help churches that are launching portably. We’ll also be at the ARC Launch Intensive, February 5-7, the CMN and Exponential Conference, the week of March 4th. Actually at Exponential, we’ll be teaching some of the pre-conference sessions for multi-site, and talking to you about how you can launch more campuses faster, quicker, cheaper, and more effectively. A lot of great stuff is coming out about that right now.

We’ve been working with a lot of churches that have been figuring out how to launch more campuses faster. They’re having great success. They have wanted to figure out how to do it even faster. We’ll be talking to you about that at Exponential. We’ll also be at the ARC East Conference the week of April 8th. Again, NAMM just next week. I’ll be there, myself. I would love to connect with you guys if you’re going to be there.

Last, in the next coming weeks, we’re going to be releasing a lot of new resources for both multi-site churches and church plants. Keep an eye out on our Resource Page for these new releases. If you go to, and then, click on Resources, there’s already a lot of great stuff there. There are some that we’ll show you that are coming soon. You can see some of stuff that will be coming soon. Then we’ll be releasing even more beyond that. It is our intention to try and continue to bring new things to you to help you thrive in portable spaces, and figure out how to do campuses and plants really well. You could also sign up for our blog. Our blog will give you notifications of when new things are coming out. 

Coming up halfway through the year this year, we’ll also be celebrating our 25 years of helping churches thrive in rented venues. It’s been an exciting journey. Truly, it’s been amazing getting to work with church plants on the early side of this whole church planting and multi-site church movement. It’s been a neat process to go through and see all the transitions and changes, and really just pushing the bounds of what can be done in portable atmospheres.

If you have any other ideas, questions, comments, thoughts, things that you want to see us talk about, drop some comments below. We will cover those things during our Five Minute Mondays, as we go throughout the year. We look forward to serving up new stuff, helping you guys out. Of course, give us a call with any questions, in the meantime. That’s it for today. We look forward to talking to you guys in the future. Look out for the next big push on January 28th. We’ll talk to you then!

Kevin Jones