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Empower Your Volunteers and Avoid Burnout
April 23, 2017

We have all witnessed it time and time again: some of your best volunteers take a sabbatical. Whether it’s because they’ve been setting up and tearing down your entire sound setup for two hours straight every Sunday for six months, or they’re fatigued from the chaos of your children’s check-in system, there are several reasons a volunteer might need to take a break.

And if you’ve ever lost several volunteers at once, you understand the stress of scrambling to have the worship service start on time, to have enough teachers to effectively and safely oversee a classroom of thirty kids, and to have enough friendly faces to welcome and direct newcomers. Not to mention, how are those volunteers actually feeling about stepping down from something they once loved to do?

That’s why we strongly encourage every portable church to create a volunteer strategy that will invest time, structure, resources and appreciation into the people who serve and lead in any capacity. Take a look at this great infographic that shows what can exhaust and what can empower your volunteers!