Two Questions with John Sherrill of Declaration Church

Last Updated on: Jul 27, 2018 @ 9:47 am

We recently took a survey of portable church pastors around the country to find out what was ONE THING they would do differently if they were to start over again, and what was ONE THING they did well when planting their church. Today, we want to introduce you to John Sherrill of Declaration Church. Enjoy!


john-sherrill-declaration-church-2Declaration Church | Spring, TX

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Declaration Church is a place where the life-giving presence of Jesus compels, heals, changes, and moves people to love God passionately and to lead others to do the same. At Declaration, we are ministers on mission, declaring the greatness of God, loving Him fully and helping people to encounter Jesus everyday.

Given the experiences and knowledge you have now as a church planter/pastor, what is the ONE THING you would do differently if you were starting over again?

If I were starting over, I would try and raise more money sooner, not skimp on any equipment, give myself some options on equipment set up, and also structure my teams a little differently for set up/tear down.

What was ONE THING you did well when planting your church that you would highly suggest to other planters?

Build relationships into the launch team! You cannot do this too much!
Build relationships into the launch team! You cannot do this too much! @johnsherrill Click To Tweet

john-sherrill-declaration-church-1John Sherrill

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John Sherrill has been passionate about pointing people to Jesus since his early days in college. John has traveled the nation for years, teaching & leading worship for different student ministries, conferences, camps and churches. Some of the highlights of John’s ministry have been leading worship for Breakaway at Texas A&M for three years; forming a student conference called ‘220’ (based on Galatians 2:20); signing an exclusive songwriting deal with Integrity Music, recording many CD’s; as well as pastoring, consulting, and being on staff at a few different churches. Today, John, Kelly and their three boys are planting Declaration Church in Spring, TX.
John’s heart is to see people connect with Jesus, experience and encounter the glory of the presence of God, and be challenged by the greatness of who God is!