Now Available | Multisite Launch Survey Results

Feb 1, 2016

“Church leaders no longer view a single church site or service as the limits of ministry. The growth of the multi-service, multi-venue, multi-site, and multi-campus has provided more opportunities to reach more people.”

– Thom S. Rainer

In our most recent Multisite Church Launch Survey, we received insights from 120 different multisite churches around North America about their campus launch efforts. We are proud and excited to be releasing the results of that survey to you! We took information from churches of all different sizes, ages, locations, and campus numbers.

In this resource, you will find the combined results of the information provided by the churches we surveyed, including:

– How to know when your church is ready to go multisite, based on Church Attendance and Church Stage / Age
– What to expect for launch weekend as far as Services and Attendance are concerned
– How to plan for continued church growth and Future Launches by knowing How Many Campuses your church can maintain
– What you need to successfully go multisite including Budget, Staffing, and Volunteers
– How to rock the Launch Process using outside experts and resources

Download the Multisite Launch Survey results today and set your church on the path to multi-campus success!