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10 Reasons Why Youth Pastors LOVE Portable Churches
August 29, 2016

Portable churches are fast becoming the new normal! After all, launching in a rented, portable venue means drastically reduced expenses, unparalleled flexibility and more engagement with the community. However, there are a few more reasons that make churches on wheels a favorite among youth ministry leaders.

Do you lead a youth group, or have a youth ministry at your church? Check out these 10 reasons why you will love the portable church model, too!



  • Encourages sense of ownership:

A team of fired-up volunteers is what makes a portable church successful. Click To Tweet The responsibility of setting up and tearing down equipment each week instills a sense of ownership and commitment among the youth. 

What’s more, portability encourages the youth to be proactive, and treat the church like its own. Isn’t that a healthy attitude to instill in the next generation?



  • Builds fellowship and unity:

A portable church is all about working together. In fact, a church on wheels can be a real lesson in teamwork! Students and young adults who are part of a portable church are quick to learn the value of working alongside.

And, the best part? Some of the most deep and meaningful conversations take place while setting up and tearing down equipment. A mobile church, therefore, can foster a deep sense of fellowship and community among these young, impressionable minds.  



  • Creates service opportunities for young adults:

Bringing equipment in, transforming a space from scratch, installing equipment, tearing down and taking equipment out! There’s no dearth of service opportunities for the youth in a portable church. This helps them learn and appreciate the importance of serving, volunteering and working hard early on in life. Wouldn’t you want your youth group to grasp these key values?



  • Makes it easy to invite friends:

The hallowed interiors of a traditional church can be fairly intimidating for the unchurched. On the contrary, church gatherings in community spaces like a theater, restaurant or hotel are more welcoming.

Churches that meet in portable venues have the advantage of being free from the “stigma” of typical churches. Hence, it is easier for our succeeding generation from portable churches to invite their friends to church meetings. After all, who doesn’t like going to the movies?



  • Allows for an authentic connection:

The growing chasm between the church and our youth is stale news. Most portable churches, however, are able to bridge this gap successfully. Young adults tend to feel more connected when meeting in real, everyday places like schools and gyms. A traditional church setup, on the other hand, can sometimes feel a world apart.

Moreover, the focus of a mobile church is the people, not the building. Portability fosters the growth of a closely knit, authentic community that serves together. And, that’s exactly what the youth loves about it!



  • Unleashes creativity:

A portable church environment gives your youth group a creative license like never before. After all, setting up church in unique venues like a zoo or fire station offers endless opportunities for experimentation.

What’s more, you can roll in and roll out portable church equipment anywhere! Your youth group will surely love meeting in a park or campsite. Who ever thought that church could be one big experiment?



  • Encourages engagement in church life:  

A portable church fosters a healthy expectation of the next generation to fully participate in church life. Portability helps them develop a heart for service that goes beyond setting up for their youth meetings.

As a result, you’ll find these young adults actively participating in installing and packing up equipment, greeting people and serving coffee. Is your youth group fully plugged into church life?



  • Instills the vision of the church:

Being a part of a portable church helps the youth understand that a church’s vision is not dependent on its building. This is an invaluable lesson for your youth group.

The next generation will learn to seize the moment and not have an attitude that screams “when we get our new building THEN we will do this.”



  • Teaches prudence:

Portability allows churches to use their money on things that matter. Click To Tweet It’s a simple formula: less money spent on building costs and maintenance = more money for ministry and outreach.

As teens and young adults observe your mobile church’s spending habits, they will learn an invaluable lesson on prudence, budgeting and sharing. Have the youth in your church learnt how to be good stewards of their finances?



  • Encourages adaptability:

One of the biggest advantages of the portable church model is flexibility. Churches that are not tied-down to a building enjoy the ability to easily upsize or downsize to suit their current momentum and needs.

This unparalleled fluidity trickles down to the our succeeding generation, too. They not only learn to be flexible, but also to thrive in every situation. Does the youth in your church need a lesson on being more adaptable?


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