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Church Launch Must-Haves | Clear Signage
June 29, 2015

Welcome to our new series…Church Launch Must-Haves! Over the next few weeks, we will be breaking down our blog post “7 Things Your Church Location Must Have If You Want A Successful Launch” to bring you further insight into the possibilities of a portable church.

People choose whether they will return to a church within the first seven minutes of their church experience. So, how do you create a great first impression? Some people consider great signs to be more of a minuscule design detail. While this is true, having clear and direct signage is critical in providing a new visitor with an enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Direct and Informative

Put yourself in the shoes of a first-time visitor. If they have never been to your venue, will they be able to find their way in the front door? And once they’re inside, can they find the children’s ministry? The restrooms? The sanctuary? Whether your facility is large or small, you don’t want any first-time visitors getting lost before they make it to the worship experience!

Your signs should be informative, but not too informative. From a design standpoint, you don’t want too many words on your sign. Each word on the sign should be large and visible. Keep the font style and size easy to read and make sure each sign is providing a clear message.

Stand Out

Display a location directory in the entryway of your venue so visitors can quickly and easily find exactly what they are looking for. Also, be very clear about where the restrooms are located. Many venues assume people visit the facility on a regular basis, and therefore don’t need signs to direct them to the restroom.

Make sure that your signs stand out next to any signs that might already be in the building. Your signs should be prominent and visible. The signs should also be consistent in color and design. A unique design and color will help the signs stand out, but you also don’t want your various signs to have different background and font colors. By keeping the design consistent, visitors will know which signs to look for.

A basic rule of thumb is to always have a sign in view. When a visitor is standing at one of your signs, there should be at least one other sign in view. It will be a more enjoyable experience for them if they are able to quickly and easily find exactly where they need to go. You should also consider the height of your signs. In a lobby full of people, can your signs be seen above peoples’ heads? Make sure signs are placed at eye-level and can be seen throughout the room.

Flexible and Moveable

Your signs should be easy to move for set-up and teardown purposes, but also in case of a venue change or ministry relocation. If you end up having to change venues, it is nice to have detachable arrows and wording that can change according to the layout of the venue.

You also want to use quality signs that will look great for years to come. Foam core or corrugated plastic signs typically work great in permanent church locations, but they often look worn and dinged-up after a few weeks in a portable church setting.

If you have any areas that your visitors and members shouldn’t be able to access, use a larger, floor-mounted sign to block the entryway. These signs can use the church color-scheme and display the church logo.

Look Awesome!

Finally, your signs should look fantastic! Use an appealing and unique color scheme, display your logo, and be consistent. Your branding should be recognizable and identifiable. Whether you use camouflage or bright colors, stay true to your church’s unique culture. Your signs give you the chance to display that culture to your visitors and the surrounding community.

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