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Church Launch Must-Haves | Parking or Easy Access
June 22, 2015

Welcome to our new series…Church Launch Must-Haves! Over the next few weeks, we will be breaking down our previous blog post “7 Things Your Church Location Must Have If You Want A Successful Launch” to bring you further insight into the possibilities of a portable church.

Like it or not, your church location needs to have parking options for your visitors. If you are gathering in a school or movie theater, chances are good you will already have a convenient parking lot right in front of the doors. But what if the parking lot isn’t big enough to fit everyone’s cars? Are you meeting at a building in the city with ZERO on-site parking? While parking may seem like a trivial detail in the overall vision of your church, it really does matter!

Rent Parking Space

On average, there will be 1.7 adults per car. What is your visitor estimate? Will you have enough parking on-site? If the answer is no, consider renting a space. You could ask a nearby building or business if your church could use their parking on Sunday mornings. If your church is meeting in the city, consider renting out space in a parking garage, or at least negotiating for a discounted rate for your visitors.

Provide A Shuttle Service

So, you’ve secured parking! Have you considered how far of a walk it will be from the provided parking to the front doors of the church? It would be unrealistic to assume that your visitors will walk a mile from their car to your location. Is there a shuttle service you could hire to transport your visitors from the provided parking to the front doors of the church? How can you make the time between getting out of their car and arriving at your church as comfortable and enjoyable as possible?

Set-up a Child Drop-Off Area

Some parents are lucky if they can get their entire family in the car on Sunday mornings. It’s best not to make the journey to church any more difficult for them. If your visitors are having to park further away from your building, have a way for families to drop off their children at the door…to minimize crankiness.

Recruit Parking Volunteers

Will your parking lot be so full that you need to establish a parking team? Having a handful of parking directors guide your visitors in and out of the parking lot could save a lot of time, frustration, and possible fender benders. Get your visitors into the closest parking space as quickly as possible so that they can walk through your doors and become a part of the church experience even faster.

You need convenient parking for your church members, and you need enough of it to support the number of people you hope to have at each service!

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