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Launching a new church is a lot of work. As if the community relations, fund development, volunteer and leadership development wasn’t enough work, churches launching in rented spaces also have to deal with all the complexity and minutia of equipment, setup/teardown, transportation, storage, and volunteer burnout. That’s where we come in. With over 2,000 churches helped, Portable Church® Industries has the expertise that will help you successfully go from the idea stage to the implementation stage to the thriving stage.

We know that with new church plants, recruiting and developing your core team of volunteers is critical and time consuming. Investing in a Portable Church® solution will set you up to launch strong by investing in your volunteers and visitor experience so that the limited number of volunteers you do have can spend more time engaging with visitors, establishing community, and meeting needs instead of spending hours and hours organizing, integrating, and shuffling stuff inefficiently.

We know that the Kingdom is impacted most by the launching of new churches. Our passion is to focus on the stuff so that church planters like you will concentrate on sharing the gospel and making disciples. By designing a solution for you that turns your rented secular space into an excellent, worship-filled church that is easy to set-up and tear down, we know you’ll have more time to devote to the most important aspects of ministry.

Some people spend money to save time. Others spend time to save money. If you value your volunteers and understand how investing in portable systems will free up your volunteers to focus on more important things, then Portable Church® will likely be a good solution for your next church plant.

A New Church Plant Case Study

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