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Planning Timeline & Checklist

Steps to Starting a New Church

Church planting is exciting work. We love it! We also know the number of steps to plant a church quickly becomes overwhelming. Getting incorporated — building your core team — finding your location — spreading news of the launch — What are all the things I have to do? How early to I need to start? What if I forget something!

We want to help planting pastors organize the process to alleviate some of this stress. That’s why we’ve worked with Jason Laird of Sozo Church to assemble this Church Plant Timeline. It not only lists your to-do’s to launch a new church plant, it lays it out on a timeline so you know when to start what!

Yes, there are different ways to plant a church (here’s a checklist we made specifically for Multisite churches), but this is a great checklist laying out how to start a new church. Since Jason is an ARC launch, if you’re partnering with ARC, we’ve created an Edition of the checklist just for you!

You shouldn’t be bogged down with the logistical details. We want to free pastors to do what they were designed to do: hear God’s direction, cultivate a team of disciples, and share Jesus with the community.

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