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Portable Church® provides everything you need to be a mobile church. That’s right – everything. Whether you’re a new church plant, a multi-site (live or video venue) church, existing portable church, a church leaving a building or a mobile ministry – we’ve got what you need. Here’s how it all works…


CONSULTATION AND DESIGN  A Portable Church® partnership usually begins with a Consultation for your church. A consultant will meet with your team for anywhere from 1 Day to 1 Week going over every single piece of your vision – from the building, to the worship experience, to the children’s environments to the coffee bar to the lobby – our consultant wants to hear about it all. Based on this experience, your Consultant & our Team of Producers works to create a customized design for your vision in your building in your community.

Your Consultant will prepare an Electronic Binder of Information for you. This Binder will include things like traffic flow information, sign maps, financial projections, scaled room layouts, itemized parts lists, technical functions & much, much more. Every Portable Church® Consultation can be followed by a FundRaising Consultation through our partner, Giving Rocket. One day with these folks will have you ready for the fundraising portion of your journey.


APPROVAL If you decide to continue the partnership with Portable Church® Industries, we can provide every single piece of Equipment on your Itemized Design and in your Customized Binder. That’s right – one Consultation with a Portable Church® Expert is all you need to define your purchase plan, understand your budget, quantify the equipment and visualize your storage needs. Your Project Manager (PM) will continue working with you – well after Consultation – to adjust and amend your Customized Estimate. Once you’ve reach a finalized plan, your PM will get your order into production.


PRODUCTION Relax. Build Relationships. Meet the community. Once you’ve approved your Portable Church® Estimate, we take over the equipment and transportation side of things. We will procure the equipment, build the cases, load the equipment into the trailer, print your signage, assemble your children’s toys, wire and test all of your technology. We’ll do whatever we can to ensure that your church is completely outfitted and ready for action by your Launch Weekend. A Portable Church® partnership ensures that you have more time to ready your community for the launch or re-launch of your church.


TRAINING AND DELIVERY On the agreed upon weekend, our team will deliver to you everything you have ordered – all neatly organized and stored in Portable Church® Cases on a Portable Church® Trailer. A team of 1-6 people will spend a weekend training your team on how to set-up, tear-down and employ every item in your system. We’ll show you how to do everything from setting up your Adult Worship Space to Making Coffee to Hitching up your Trailer. After a Saturday session with our team, you’ll be confident and ready to run your own Sunday practice, soft-launch or hard launch services. We’ll stay on as coaches for your first Sunday Service – observing the use of your equipment and helping you troubleshoot as necessary. Your volunteers & leadership team will be excited after this weekend of training, and ready to take your community by storm!


ONGOING SUPPORT After your Delivery Weekend, we’ll stay in touch. We will check in with you periodically to see how the equipment is holding up, how your church is doing and how else we might help you. Need another piece of equipment? Having trouble with a piece of equipment? Want to upgrade something? Call us! We remain available to you for the life of your portability. Moving into a building? Call us! We’ll even help find a home for your equipment – Your Equipment in Portable Church® Cases in a Portable Church® Trailer will look so good even after years of service – you’ll have no trouble finding a buyer, or even starting a new church with them! There’s only one number to call – ever – when you partner with Portable Church® Industries.

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