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Establishing a thriving church in a rented space has its unique challenges—volunteer burnout and operational complexity being the two largest. Portable Church® provides everything you need to create an excellent worship, children’s ministry, and hospitality experience in almost any rented space. That’s right – everything. Whether you’re a new church plant, a multi-site (live or video venue) church, existing portable church, a church leaving a building or a mobile ministry – we’ve got what you need. Here’s how it usually works…

The Journey of Launching Your Portable System


CONSULTATION AND DESIGN Every Portable Church® solution is custom—unique to your church and specific rental site. As your partner, we work to design the best solution to your unique requirements. Therefore, our partnership usually begins with a Consultation at your site to begin to understand your vision, culture, goals, and the specific challenges of the rental site.

Depending upon the size and complexity of the solution, our very experienced Design Consultant will typically spend three days at your location meeting with your team, surveying the rental site, and developing a preliminary design and cost estimate. This written deliverable will include all the details needed to maximize your worship, hospitality, and children’s ministry experience in the rented space—things like auditorium audio/video/lighting design, children’s ministry layout and registration, traffic flow information, site growth limitation analysis, signage maps, financial projections, transportation logistics, scaled room layouts, itemized parts lists, technical functions & much, much more.


APPROVAL If you decide to continue the partnership with Portable Church® Industries, typically we spend the next few weeks together fine tuning the preliminary design from the Consultation into a detailed, custom solution for your church that incorporates your branding, specific graphic design details, color choices, themes, product and delivery preferences. We can provide and integrate every single piece of Equipment or we can integrate existing equipment into the optimized Portable Church® solution. Once we’ve reached a finalized plan, you give your official approval and we place your order into production.


PRODUCTION It is time to focus on building your leadership team and community. We will be focusing on your Portable Church® solution. We will procure the equipment, test and quality check each item, build the custom cases, integrate the equipment into the cases to maximize portability and volunteer efficiency, load the equipment into trailers (if needed), print your signage, assemble your children’s toys, and label each case with its specific contents, loading position, and final destination.


TRAINING AND DELIVERY On the agreed upon weekend, our team will deliver your custom Portable Church® solution. Depending on the size and complexity of your launch, a specially trained delivery team (usually 2-4 people) will spend a weekend training your team on how to set-up, tear-down and deploy every item in your system to maximize your worship, hospitality, and children’s ministry experience. Your volunteers and leadership team will feel poured into and will be excited and ready to do this themselves!


ONGOING SUPPORT After your Portable Church® solution training, we’ll stay in touch. We will check in with you periodically to see how the equipment is performing, how your church is doing and how else we might help you. Need to expand the children’s ministry? Need another piece of equipment? Want to upgrade something? We remain available to you for the life of your portability. Moving into a building? We’ll even help find a new home for your Portable Church® solution.

Want to see this in action? Watch the quick set up video >

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