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Transportation Solutions

The challenge most rented spaces have is they expect the church to roll in, setup, tear down, and roll out each week leaving no visible evidence that they were actually at the site on Sunday.

When this involves equipment for the worship area, hospitality, signage, and all the children’s ministry classrooms, it can be a huge undertaking. Most portable churches will need a thorough and efficient storage and transportation plan.

That is where we come in!

The Portable Church® Solution starts with a Portable Church® case – a rolling storage container that houses everything you’ll use to have church. These cases, customized for your needs, will hold all of your equipment – from speakers to rocking chairs to lights.

Our craftsmen custom manufacture each case from scratch from our dedicated facility outside of Detroit, Michigan using specially sourced wood (stronger and lighter than plywood), custom designed hinges, castors, and hardware. Under normal wear and tear, these cases last years and years. All across the country, we regularly encounter used Portable Church® cases that were purchased 8, 10, and even 15 years ago still being actively used today.

Ideally, local storage for the cases can be negotiated in the site rental agreement. When that is not possible, most churches store the Portable Church® cases inside a Portable Church® Industries supplied cargo trailer that has been custom manufactured for our cases and optimized to protect the valuable equipment inside. These trailers come off the line with all the amenities you’ll need including overhead lights, insulation, stone guards, extra height, exterior wheel wells and much, much more.

The Portable Church® Solution is more than just cases and trailers – it’s a customized, efficient, and optimized transportation solution for your portable church. Not wasting time and energy with awkward storage and transport each week will save you time, money and your volunteers’ sanity.

Most Portable Church® Solutions can be unloaded in under 2 minutes a trailer and need fewer volunteers to make it happen week to week than other solutions.