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Welcome, unSeminary Leaders!


We have been on a long journey with Rich Birch helping him launch numerous campuses, serving and teaching around the country together, and partnering with UnSeminary. As you are a partner of Rich’s as well, we are excited about the potential of learning your journey and serving you as you look to grow your church.

Steps To Starting A New Church

checklist & timeline

Church planting is exciting work. We also know the number of steps to plant a church quickly becomes overwhelming.

We want to help planting pastors organize the process to alleviate some of this stress. That’s why we’ve worked to assemble this Church Plant Timeline. It not only lists your to-do’s to launch a new church plant, it lays it out on a timeline so you know when to start what!


So Much To Do So Little Time!

Mapping Your Multisite Journey

Our Ultimate Multisite Launch Checklist maps your multisite journey — ordering all of the activity your leadership team will be involved with over the next 12-24 months, and integrating the processes involved in launching a portable campus with excellence.

This list gives the “what” with the “when” and is laid out to prepare you to launch an excellent expression of your church in a community of people who need to hear the gospel.

How To Choose The Right Facility

free resource

Every church planter or multi-site church will eventually have to figure out “Where Will We Meet?” This new ebook is a great guide as you tour facilities and narrow down the right one for your ministry. We want to help you choose a facility that works with your vision, not against it. This ebook will help you narrow your focus to what’s important – Logistics, Privacy, Security and Overall Comfort. Don’t assess any facilities without it!


More Multisite Church Resources

Viable Venues List

8 Launch Wins Report

Community Finder

Questions about Multisiting or Portability?

Connect with our Multisite Specialist for a free evaluation.
Jeff helps church leaders make fully informed decisions on planting and/or multisiting as well as whether to be portable or permanent in some manner (build, lease, merge). He connects with churches who are working through questions about vision and mission, multiplication strategies, organizing their operations and processes, specifics of making new disciples and followers of Jesus Christ, how they will reach the lost in a new community, how they will develop leadership, how they will develop and nurture a volunteer army, etc. Jeff also helps churches set up appropriate expectations for the timing, resources, and processes for launching new campuses.

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Jeff Beachum
Church Multiplication Specialist