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How a New Generation of Pastors is Shifting to Strategies that Reproduce and Multiply

The church planting and multisite church movement has been shifting and growing over the past few decades, and there are many new, excellent insights into what has been happening most recently.

Along with Dr. Warren Bird from Leadership Network, we asked over 1,600 pastors about their churches. During the summer of 2017, we released the first published report of our findings in 8 Launch Wins: A Study of 1,500-Plus New Churches and Multisite Campuses.

Now, here is the second report, Latest Multisite Trends: How a New Generation of Pastors is Shifting to Strategies that Reproduce and Multiply.

Dr. Bird narrowed down the results into four major trends of churches who plant – or are thinking about planting – other churches or campuses. The responses have helped to shape a clearer understanding of both the vision and the practical applications of multiplying churches.

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  • How today’s pastors are changing – comparing how the new generation of multisite pastors differs from their single-site counterparts
  • The dramatic growth occurring in church planting
  • What is driving younger pastors to launch and multiply
  • The dramatic growth occurring in multisite, especially when there is a younger or founding pastor involved
  • The average recommended size minimums based on current, pre-launch attendance
  • How church networks are driving the greatest increase in new churches
  • And more amazing multisite and single-site findings!
On March 8, 2018, Dr. Warren Bird hosted a webinar on some of the findings of this eBook with our Multisite Specialist, Jeffrey Beachum.

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