7 Lessons from Multisite Leaders

7 Lessons From Multisite Church Leaders

Hey there church planter! Are you looking to launch your first multisite campus? We have the perfect resource for you…

We are proud to introduce our 7 Lessons From Multisite Church Leaders Micro-Course! This series features 7 video interviews with 7 experienced multisite church leaders. We will be sending these lessons right to your email inbox… so you never miss any of the short video lessons!

In this series, you’ll learn from multisite pastors who share things such as:

  • Knowing where to start your church
  • Understanding how to cater to the specific community your church serves
  • Transitioning your church to a portable setting
  • Creating a healthy volunteer culture and experience
  • Keeping systems the same across multiple sites
  • Using uniform systems, but establishing unique leaders
  • Creating a worshipful atmosphere for your portable church

So, what are you waiting for?

Don’t waste another minute.

It’s time to get more insights for launching your own multisite to reach more people for Jesus.

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