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We’ve included eBook, Infographics, White Papers, Reports, and More for Church Leaders and Planters – especially those in a portable setting.

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Latest Multisite Trends Report
8 Launch Wins Report
7 Lessons from Multisite Church Leaders
The Portable Church Multisite Launch Survey
Choosing The Right Facility For Your Portable Church
What Every Church Planter Should Know, Volume 1
What Every Church Planter Should Know, Volume 2
What Every Multi-Site Church Should Know, Volume 1
Campus Pastor Report (Includes Sample Job Descriptions)
eBook Created with Church Executive
The Portable Multi-Site Church Podcast Series
Five Essential Ideas For Church Planters
10 Great Reasons To Start A Church
Set-Up Process & Team Structures
6 Effective Principles of Portability
How One Portable Church Responded To A Natural Disaster
7 Cool Places To Launch Your Mobile Church
Portable Church Journal, Volume 1
Facilities To Assess In Your Community
Portable Church Industries
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