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 Facility Cost Comparison Matrix


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Is your church trying to decide whether to buy a building, rent space in a school or commercial building, or maybe buy land? Cools Solutions Group, Multisite Solutions and Portable Church® Industries have worked through this tool to help in your journey of choosing a venue.

Use this assessment tool to help compare initial, ongoing and intangible costs of each of these options.

Note: This matrix is figured for the average multisite church budget, which is typically more than a church planters due to established budgets and the desire to recreate all of their DNA in a new campus. While Renting a Commercial Building, Buying a Building, and Buying Land & Building New columns will stay the same for a church plant, the Rent a School Column will typically be 50-75% less than what is shown in the matrix.

For more information on how to use this resource, check out this guest blog post by Tim Cool. 

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