PCI Promise

We aren’t another vendor.

We are partners in helping your church launch strong so you can thrive in your community, reach people, and expand the Kingdom. The Portable Church® Industries team is committed to you and your church in every aspect of our business. So much, in fact, that we formalized it for you to see what you can expect when working with us.

We call it the PCI Promise:

Designed by experts.

Our team has the most experience and expertise in the industry. Why does that matter? It means we are the leaders in innovation, portability, and efficiency, so you get powerful environments so people experience your church, your people, and Jesus.  

Planned for value.

Our solutions are the lowest cost in the long term. You recoup your investment in about a year. How? Reduced equipment failure, faster set-up/take down times cuts rental costs, and significantly less volunteer burnout. So you don’t have to spend money in 6 months to replace something that got damaged or failed. We create your system to last by using quality gear and building custom cases designed to withstand the rigors of weekly setup, tear-down, and transport.

Created for volunteers.

Your church depends on volunteers, so we design systems that are simple for volunteers to learn, use, and manage. We know they have full-time jobs. They don’t need another full-time job maintaining equipment, setting up every weekend, and loading out on Sunday afternoon. No other system focuses on empowering your volunteers. Serving on the setup team just got a whole lot easier.

Focused on Engagement.

We build your portable system while you build your team and engage your city. PCI environments engage attendees while requiring less time and volunteers, leaving more room for community and ministry focus.