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Establishing a thriving church in a rented space has its unique challenges – volunteer burnout and operational complexity being the two greatest ones.

Portable Church® provides everything you need to create an excellent worship, children’s ministry, and hospitality experience in almost any rented space. We do all this through our 4-step process.



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Assessing Launch Preparedness
A professional Portability Coach will rehearse the vision and mission of your church with a member of your executive leadership team

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An expert PCI Technical Design Consultant will engage face-to-face with your church leadership to learn the vision of your church and inspect your facilities. A detailed appraisal to establish the elements of the preliminary design will be presented with these deliverables:

  • Facility capacity report with limiting factors and financial forecast
  • Room design layouts
  • Tech rack and line drawings
  • Cost of gear to create each excellent environment

The design is engineered to maximize portable worship, children’s ministry, and welcome areas — allowing volunteer teams to thrive.

This preliminary design will go through assurance reviews and revisions to meet your needs.

Move to Step 3 by Approving a Final System Design

3 // BUILD

System Assembly
The dedicated team at PCI goes to work — bringing your custom system to life! We will take care of the logistics details so you can focus on building your new team. Portable Church will…

  • Order, Receive, and Inspect all equipment included in your system
  • Manufacture the custom road cases that keep your system protected and efficient
  • Integrate, Program, and Test all tech gear so it’s ready to use

Prepare Your Team
A Portable Church Launch Specialist will guide you step by step through the process of preparing you to hit the ground running when your PCI System is delivered.

Move into Step 4 when your Delivery Weekend date arrives


Delivery and Training
The weekend your PCI system is delivered, a PCI expert delivery and training team will train your leadership and volunteers in equipment handling and efficient set up processes.

Ongoing Support
It is important to us that your ministry is a success. Our Thrive Team will monitor your needs and requests as your teams settle into a rhythm and provide assistance in any way we can.




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