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3 Factors To Consider Before Choosing an LED Wall for Your Portable Church
March 14, 2023

Explore how LED walls increase design options and appeal, and what elements to investigate when considering a unit for your portable church.

Churches today rely heavily on worship set design to give the congregation an immersive and interesting experience. To create a worshipful environment, churches have traditionally used permanent backdrops or projected visuals. LED walls, as an alternative to these conventional techniques, have gained popularity as a result of technological improvements. The benefits of employing LED walls for worship set designs will be discussed in this article, along with an insider’s look at a successful implementation, and factors to consider before installing an LED wall.


Can LED Walls Be Used in a Portable Setting?

Absolutely! In the clip below, we gain an insider’s view of an LED wall that’s been designed with portability in mind. 

Now that we’ve seen how an LED wall can be used in a portable setting, let’s explore the advantages and take another look at a wall that’s “out in the field.”


Advantages of Using LED Walls for Worship Set Designs

One of the primary advantages of using LED walls is that they enhance the visual experience for the congregation. LED walls can provide amazing graphics with high resolution and brightness levels that are sure to engage attendees. In addition, compared to conventional techniques, LED walls offer more flexibility and creative alternatives. During their worship services, churches can quickly swap between various backgrounds, colors, and visual effects. Finally, when compared to other techniques, LED walls are also a more affordable and energy-efficient option.


An Example of Successful LED Wall Implementation

Here’s a recent example of an LED wall installation we were privileged to work on. 



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A post shared by BNY Productions (@bny_pro)

BNY Productions on Instagram: “It was awesome to once again partner with @portablechurch for an install in Denver, CO. Our team put up a brand new N31 Series LED wall…”

In early 2023, we partnered with BNY Productions and Journey Point Church in Denver to design and install an LED wall. The N31 Series LED wall with a 1.86mm pixel pitch will serve two purposes: it will hide areas that are better left unseen (in this case, a kitchen) and also elevate the visuals during their worship experience.

Oftentimes, we see churches choose LED walls because of the greater flexibility in designing their sets. Or churches who previously used projection systems found that they were unable to achieve adequate brightness levels until they switched over to an LED wall system which provided better image quality overall.

In any case, these churches did their homework and invested in LED walls…but only after considering several factors that might impact their decision. We’ll list a few of those factors here.

Closup image of an LED wall for a portable church

3 Factors To Consider Before Installing Led Walls


1. Size and Placement

The size of the wall should be appropriate for the room it’s installed in while taking into account viewing distances from different angles within the room. A wall that is either too small or too large can detract from the congregation’s overall experience. Similarly, the appeal might be diminished if the wall is situated in a spot where it is difficult to see from particular angles. 

On the other hand, a properly scaled and placed LED wall can improve everyone in the congregation’s immersive experience regardless of where they are in the space. The point is this: if you are considering an LED wall for your church worship experience, great thought should be given to elements like room size and layout.

Size matters when it comes to installing a church LED wall. It should be appropriate for the room, and viewing distances from different angles must be taken into account. A poorly sized or placed wall can detract from the congregation's experience. Share on X


2. Technical Requirements

Does your facility or rental have adequate power supply, ventilation systems, and connectivity? 

The technical aspects that go into building an LED wall for a church are essential to guaranteeing its best performance and security. To make sure the system has the capability it needs to function properly, electrical requirements including power supply, voltage, and current must be carefully evaluated. In addition, to prevent the LED panels from overheating, ventilation and cooling systems must also be installed. 

Another crucial component to take into account is connectivity, which enables communication between the control system and LED wall. This guarantees that material is presented on the screen precisely and without lag or delay. By considering these technical elements during installation, churches can ensure that their LED walls perform optimally while maintaining safety standards.

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3. Budget

Like any substantial piece of equipment for your portable church, it’s crucial to take the budget into account when installing an LED wall for a church. The cost of LED walls can vary significantly based on elements like size, resolution, and technological details. Setting a realistic budget is essential, taking into account not just the price of the LED wall itself but also any other expenses like those for installation, upkeep, and repair. 

Churches may prevent overpaying and make sure they’re receiving the best value for their money by establishing a budget in advance. Working with trustworthy vendors can also assist churches in making educated decisions regarding their LED wall expenditures while avoiding any unforeseen costs or hidden charges. 


LED Walls Increase Design Options and Appeal

When it comes to creating dynamic worship environments in churches, LED walls have many advantages. If they haven’t already, more congregations should think about incorporating this technology into their worship services due to its improved visual appeal, versatility in design options, and cost-effectiveness in comparison to previous ways.

We would love to help you elevate your Sunday appeal. If you’d like to know more about LED walls, we’re here to help you. Contact us for a 20-minute, free consultation today.