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You Can Still Register to Attend the Biggest Church Planting Conference of 2023
January 17, 2023

Attend the leadership and church planting conference Exponential Orlando 2023.

Looking for synergy and professional development? Attend the leadership and church planting conference Exponential Orlando 2023.

The Exponential Orlando 2023 Conference, taking place March 6–9, will explore the theme “Lost Cause: Reviving Evangelism.” This theme is a call to action for us, as Christian leaders, to revitalize our efforts to share the gospel and bring others to Christ. For church planters, it’s the biggest conference of 2023, and one you won’t regret attending. 

Reviving Evangelism: Exponential 2023 Theme

In recent years, many believers have adopted a negative or misunderstood attitude regarding evangelism. It’s become a taboo word and a subject of debate, leaving this directive straight from Jesus on the backburner in many church plants and existing churches.

The goal of Exponential Orlando 2023 is to provide pastors, church planters, and ministry leaders with the practical tools and inspiration they need to overcome these challenges and be more effective in their evangelism efforts. 

Here’s what Ed Stetzer, Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton had to say about Exponential:

“I love what Exponential is doing to focus on multiplication, specifically the mission to see the percentage of U.S. churches that ever reproduce increase to greater than 10%. That’s a mission worth giving our lives to.”

Could this gathering be what you need to renew your passion and calling to meet ministry challenges?

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Evangelism & Church Planting Conference Speakers

The conference will feature keynote speakers, such as Pastor Rick Warren and Dr. David Platt, as well as workshops led by other notable figures in the field of church planting, leadership, and evangelism. These leaders will share their insights and experiences on how to lead churches into a culture of evangelism. 

In addition to the keynote speakers, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from other notable teachers, including pastors, missionaries, and evangelists who have made a significant impact in the faith, like:

  • Christine Caine
  • Josh Howerton
  • Dave Ferguson
  • Noemi Chavez
  • Daniel Im
  • Derwin Gray
  • And many more!

These development opportunities offer fresh, relevant tools to reinforce your church’s mission to multiply believers—and do so with confidence and boldness.

Need more reasons to attend Exponential Orlando 2023? Keep reading. 

There’s still time to register and attend the leadership and church planting conference Exponential Orlando 2023.

10 Reasons to Attend a Leadership & Church Planting Conference

Being in the room with like minded Christian leaders sparks a unique kind of synergy. Sharing ideas, experiences, and even the burdens of ministry, all become opportunities for encouragement and growth. Here are 10 reasons why ministry innovators and Kingdom influencers should attend leadership and church planting conferences.

  1. To be inspired and motivated to revitalize your efforts to evangelize and disciple new believers.
  2. To learn from some of the most respected names in the faith, who will share their insights and experiences on how to lead ministries that effectively share the gospel.
  3. To receive practical training and resources that will equip you to both share your faith with boldness and to lead a church that is following Jesus’ direction “to seek and to save the lost” (Luke 19:10). 
  4. To network and connect with church planters, Kingdom innovators, and other ministry leaders. 
  5. To discover new strategies and approaches to creating relevant, effective ministries that strategically multiply in the 21st century.
  6. To learn about the latest research and best practices in ministry and evangelism, and how to apply them to your unique ministry environment.
  7. To be challenged and grow in your personal faith as you hear from powerful keynote speakers and other notable attendees.
  8. To be a key part of the revival of evangelism in today’s Church.
  9. To receive encouragement and support from other leaders and pastors who are facing similar challenges in evangelism within their church plants, existing churches, and Christian ministries.
  10. Finally, to be refreshed and renewed in your ministry and better equipped to serve your congregations and local community.

Essentially, when leaders are empowered and equipped to develop a culture of evangelism within their churches, the advancement of the Kingdom is at hand. What a privilege to be part of multiplying disciples and launching churches!

Evangelism is a directive from Jesus but has been put on the backburner in many churches. Consider attending Exponential 2023, where you’ll gain practical tools and inspiration to revive evangelism and disciple new believers in 2023. Share on X

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Register for the Largest Multiplication Gathering on Earth

Ready to join the movement and attend the largest multiplication gathering on earth? Register for the Exponential Orlando 2023 Conference and be a part of the revival of evangelism in the 21st century. 

Let us know if you’ll be in attendance! We’d love to meet you in person and hear about your church plant, ministry, or multisite.