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FAQs Answered: How to Use Coffee Brewer
September 8, 2022

Learn how to make the best brew in town with this instructional video on how to use portable church’s coffee brewers.

Portable church’s coffee brewers are very easy to use and clean, which makes all the coffee-lovers and servers super happy. As with most machines, it’s best to know the recommended instructions for correct use. This is why we have a detailed video that will guide you through using portable church’s coffee brewers correctly.  

We recommend that everyone on your serving team watches this video and learns how to make a great cup of coffee with your equipment. 

Pro Tip: It’ll also give your leaders some insight into how they can serve and thank the volunteer team, which is a recommended practice for keeping volunteers engaged.

In this short video, Jesse walks through:

  • Setting up the coffee brewer
  • Setting up the air pump
  • How to fill the coffee brewer with water
  • How and why to remove water from the coffee brewer
  • Descaling and cleaning the coffee brewer
  • The useful magnets that are included with portable church’s coffee brewers

Make sure you share this clip with anyone who will be serving hot beverages at your church to ensure your people get the best brews in town.

Does your church or ministry need to set up a beverage station? Do you have questions about the various options available for creating a beverage area? We’re here to help! Book a call with us today.

PCI coffee brewers are the fastest production brewers on the market and they are super simple to use and clean. Check out this short video and share it with your serving team. Click To Tweet