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FAQs Answered: Case Training with Jesse
July 14, 2022


Learn the safest way to move your cases with this portable church case training short video.

Cases come in different sizes and shapes. Often, we don’t know how best to maneuver a case and end up developing bad habits. These bad habits can lead to injury or damage to the cases that your church has invested in.

Even though some are enormous, portable church cases are designed to be moved easily and by almost anyone – you just need to know how to do it correctly. 

We want you and your team to learn best practices, which is why this portable church case training video with Jesse is very important to use when training your volunteer teams.

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In this short video, Jesse walks through:

  • The correct (and only) side to push/pull from
  • Safety practices when moving cases

Make sure you share this clip with anyone who will be using or moving your portable church cases.

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PCI cases are easy and safe to use, you just need the know-how. Check out this short video and share it with anyone who will use and move your cases. Click To Tweet