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FAQs Answered: Case Basics with Barrett
June 17, 2022

Get the skinny on our portable church case systems with this short video.

Now that most churches are back in full-swing, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about our cases. Some people need refreshers on how to best organize and set up their portable church case systems, and others are training new teams. 

If you’ve ever launched with us, you know that our cases are stand-out pieces that churches report, time after time, make all the difference in launching smoothly. We want you to have that same experience, and we want to give you the necessary resources to make training and usage as easy as possible. 

Don’t miss our case album.

In this short video, Barrett walks through:

  • Reading case and trailer organization placard diagrams
  • Understanding material benefits
  • Transporting cases safely
  • How to (and not!) securely latch your case

Take out the guesswork for your volunteers by sharing this clip with your team members. 

Does your church or ministry need portable church cases? Do you have questions about your shelf cases? We’re here to help! Book a call with us today.

Need a refresher on PCI’s shelf cases? Check out this short video and share it with your volunteers today. Click To Tweet